Heat treatment produces the quality of the process to control new method

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Summary: According to heat treatment relative standard, production of combinative company heat treatment is actual, fumble and summed up " change an idea, aggrandizement manages 4 kinds " the quality of process of heat treatment production that is main content controls a method. This method application obtained apparent quality effect and economic benefits nearly 10 years. Keyword: Method of manufacturing process, control, effect 1 preface is well-known, heat treatment is the process that through changing material organization to make mechanical spare parts or product obtain place to require performance and assures use on the safe side, it is the main component that machinery makes a project. Because the quality character of heat treatment is his,the result cannot be passed ever since examine to get complete test and verify with the experiment, and once heat treatment appears the negative effect that quality problem place causes and pecuniary loss are very big, it is so in GB/T19000 series standard, heat treatment is maintained to be " special type craft " , need takes special step, carry out complete member, the quality control of comprehensive, whole process. As a result of home requirement of technology of quality of the equipment of each company heat treatment, personnel, spare parts, production program, engineering technology is mixed manufacturing level of management each are not identical, takes control part or each special measure that produce character amount also are put in difference, and heat treatment has the characteristic of serial production exercise, accordingly, seek a kind of quality in producing a course to control a method, achieve satisfy and improve quality of heat treatment spare parts especially large quantities of ends that estimate quality of manufacturing spare parts are weighed particularly should. The main content of method of control of quality of 2 production process 2.

1 change quality makes sure the train of thought of mode and idea go, the train of thought that we assure mode and quality government focal point to the quality quality of heat treatment spare parts and idea stay in the tradition pure rely on to examine finally guard a pass, paid attention to quality result only, the control that did not put key work to quality to form comes up, eliminate heat treatment flaw in the process that quality fashions, ever appeared ceaselessly spare parts blemish or leakage check, cause certain quality loss. Of all kinds personnel busies everyday the processing at spare parts result, the result is busier randommer, repeatability and elementary mistake happen frequently, the job is unusually passive. We recall a painful experience, static heart is summed up and draw unsuccessful lesson, search and explore successful method, to the key of quality management the job undertook be known afresh and locating. Be allowed through learning the photograph inside Shanghaiguan of heat treatment standard and draw lessons from heat treatment management successful company experience, raise heat treatment quality clearly to must transform above all the train of thought that of all kinds personnel assures mode to quality and idea, be about to go traditional pure rely on to examine finally passivity guards a pass, change is give priority to in order to prevent, precaution and the active pilot quality that examine to be united in wedlock assure mode, established clear responsibility, standard management, strict and impartial rewards and punishment and will professional technology, management technique, scientific method to be united centrally and complete member participate in, whole process control, comprehensive management " 3 canals fall together " thinking of administration of process quality control and idea. Carry out a result a few years to make clear: The change of train of thought and idea is core of pilot of quality of executive process of comprehensive and effective ground and key. 2.

2 aggrandizement " 4 kinds of management " (a when the fulfil and controls element compasses management heat treatment of standard of 1) aggrandizement heat treatment regards production as the process special working procedure, element of the pilot in producing whole process is what, employee should making the what, standard that how makes and the better code of conduct that make is sincerely carry out and implement heat treatment standard. As product of manufacturing war industry is mixed the enterprise that foreign trade civilian tastes, we organize heat treatment above all grading of of all kinds personnel, learned heat treatment to basic standard, quality is controlled and examine by standard category standard, technique standard, craft data standard, safe, specific power consumption and environmental protection standard are relevant content. In learning a process, emphasize particularly and paid attention to the intention and responsibility sincere letter honors the agreement control element of the standard, with " strong influence " will control element perforative each link that fulfils heat treatment to produce a course, permeate at each detail, contrast heat treatment standard, wait for the whole process that field standard produces from person, machine, makings, law, annulus, with " soft influence " the sincere letter consciousness that fosters employee to implement a standard and detail style of work, all influence quality factors in making consciousness of of all kinds personnel will produce a course actively carry out comprehensive, effective, normative control by control element content. This reflected the effectiveness that the standard fulfils not only, mainer is the standard government that controls element, make employee understanding is mixed made clear a process requirement, identify and knew process character, apply and mastered process method, formed mix in order normative manufacturing order. Accordingly the fulfil and controls element standard government of standard of aggrandizement heat treatment is the foundation of method of control of implementation process quality and important step. (The sincere letter of of all kinds staff in producing a course and detail management heat treatment divide 2) aggrandizement outside having the quality character that with its the industry differs, return a watch to produce a characteristic to work for collective now. Accordingly we are opposite in sincere letter and detail undertake be known afresh and locating on the function that improves manufacturing process quality to assure ability, to overcome the management of simple in the past extensive mode or because of,avoid a person not sincere letter and a bagatelle do be less than an influence group mood and product quality, we are used " affection business " the faithfulness that promotion employee is producing a course and sincere letter ability, with " intelligence quotient " the passion that arouses employee to pay close attention to manufacturing process detail and potential, the executive power that the style of the drive that develops employee to use sincere letter and detail enhances the cohesive affinity that produces course group and system, when guiding employee to admitting and enjoy others advantage, the society includes and respect individual character difference, adopt communication clear the air and difference. Meanwhile, we are carried learn and began " pursuit is outstanding, bring up high-quality goods " quality concept, " it is foreword of supervisory go to work, good to work foreword of come off work of this working procedure, service " post concept, " for oneself, for other, turn over violate the rules and regulations, eliminate hidden danger " safe concept, " salutary influence of education, benefit other people is silent " the company culture construction such as concept of thought politics job, roll out with " incentive " the incentive mechanism that give priority to and " can person investiture, result person award busy " allocate a mechanism. Began " sincere letter is in my heart " , " detail decides success or failure " , " do not have fighting capacity without executive force " the speech match that gives priority to a problem, launched post training and skill contest, grading is chosen " sincere letter employee " and " technical expert " . The compasses plasticity that this reflects a management not only and full-bodied harmonious atmosphere, and condensed a group, won the understanding that employee manages to the standard and sincere letter detail asks and support, in making employee is producing a course, be opposite each system by begin to supervising next passivity to carry out the self-conscious action that becomes a worker gradually, enhanced the executive power of system of discipline of manufacturing process technology and each management. In producing a course we give authority control element and tricks of the trade the much a bit more directive, problem that appears the likelihood and processing technique give everybody to be explained more a bit, give everybody to remind more when having paralytic appearance a bit, the consequence that causes to disobeying craft explains more to everybody a bit. We are opposite all these genuine, patience mixes employee to be paid meticulously, in getting employee opposite produces a course, sincere letter honors the agreement and pay attention to the rich and generous redound of detail. Because this defends manufacturing process,normal order and aggrandizement foundation manage, need makes foundation stone with sincere letter, be guarantor with detail card, sincere letter and detail are the roll booster that realizes manufacturing process quality to control a method. (The monitoring management that the member that 3) aggrandizement produces personnel and identifier is in charge of producing a course jointly carries out the monitoring government that produces a course, the quality that monitor namely and measures manufacturing process assures ability. The professional that we are in charge of the monitoring that produces a course reason to go is in charge of adjusting the member that it is manufacturing staff and identifier to be participated in jointly, collective and responsible, execute examine attendant produces a system. The technology program to protocol and procedure by technology, production, examine, personnel of face of quality all directions undertakes the process affirms jointly. Will affirm parameter and result are filled " heat treatment process affirms sheet " ; Organization of heavy to closing working procedure is undertaken by personnel of all directions face craft is evaluated, pass reference point of quality of heavy working procedure, control clearly method of element, control, examine result and monitoring responsibility person. Realize first " 3 check " with batch spare parts first appraisal system; On the foundation that heavy to closing spare parts and the part that batch produces evaluate in craft, execute " 4 calm " principle, namely " quality of calm craft, calm personnel, calm equipment, calm process controls a method " , the statistical technology opposite such as graph of graph of control of application of the member that praepostor produces personnel and identifier, histogram, cause and effect produces a process to undertake an analysis, decide in time spare parts quality and manufacturing condition condition. Gift examine personnel opposite produces result of Training Within Industry and mount guard qualification examine, appearance, lukewarm to uniformity of heating installation furnace temperature and temperature control accuse to measure systematic appraisal result to admit really, whether to execute calm dot to supply to craft material, whether to have former plant certificate of approval and check and accept into the factory reach manufacturing process to whether undertake by the requirement cycle detects and examine to admit really as a result, the member that made clear identifier has authority to check all act that violate craft discipline. Of the surveillant result that by the member that produce personnel and identifier collective opposite produces process technology parameter and spare parts measure conclusion to sign each other, affirm accord with procedure rear can turn the spare parts into next paths. The monitoring management that the executive member that produce personnel and identifier is in charge of producing a course jointly improved generator and the responsibility heart of the person that examine and working quality greatly, they regard manufacturing process as the main body of monitoring management, to raising a part especially the quality of spare parts of big batch serial production assured to positive stimulative effect arrives since ability. (4) aggrandizement the heat treatment of executive record management of primitive data produces all sorts of quality moving state of process technology executive circumstance, equipment and the original record that produce a spare parts to accord with degree are to assure, the news source that rise and improves quality, it is to raise heart of responsibility of of all kinds personnel, decide working quality and quality retroactive are main according to. We are divided outside be being recorded automatically to be entered newly and transforming equipment to use without paper, according to standard requirement, union produces condition and character, designed " craft material is checked and accept into the factory and manufacturing process cycle examines to be expressed as a result " , "Furnace temperature uniformity and measure watch of systematic cycle appraisal " , conclusion of examination of the metallographic before high-speed steel furnace is expressed " , " process of tool tool production is primitive record sheet " , " process of product part production is primitive record sheet " , " quality inspection result is primitive record sheet " , " process of heat treatment production affirms sheet " , " consider. Carry out normative record to undertake aggrandizement grooms to of all kinds personnel, the government that established manufacturing process standard to record examines way, person of the requirement that made clear normative record, responsibility and of all sorts of records save fixed number of year. Key aggrandizement the authenticity that monitor to affecting all sorts of parameter of process ability and surveys a record, normative sex, integrality and seasonable sex. Engineering technology, production management and quality administrator are checked randomly and affirm the accordance of all sorts of primitive results, put forward to correct measure to try to improve to the not non-standard, seasonable phenomenon in the record, press administrative measure not not rigorous assessment, serious to producing a record frequently, non-standard, seasonable personnel suggests to transfer station of heat treatment work, all sorts of executive quality are primitive what correct analysis of problem of precautionary measures, quality, improvement in quality to make is the real time management of the record, decision-making provided true and active data support with quality system examine and verify. The heat treatment that in last few years we use 3 executive effects produces process quality to control a method, build in culture of quality, safe, spot management, company, ability of level of promotion employee quality, skill and group collaboration and raised the respect such as product competition ability to gain obvious economic benefits and social benefit. Heat treatment checks 6 years continuously through attestation of IS09000 series standard eligible; Working procedure fine is tasted rate is successive already achieve 4 years 99.

99 % above, than the company assessment index rises 4.

9 % ; Innovation of the technology that finish and project of improvement in quality 32, among them 7 tackle key problem the project improved product quality substantially, entered an international market to open for the product " green passageway " , 5 tackle key problem the project is judged to be class of province, ministry outstanding achievement first prize, managing and reduce reject loss accumulative total to amount to 3.64 million yuan, be judged to be preeminent team and group for many times, and by countrywide federation of trade unions, the Youth League in the center of, institute of government of quality of association of Chinese science and technology, China names for " countrywide quality runs preeminent team and group " , be awarded by committee of tournament of Shanxi province labor " 51 labor certificate of merit " . 4 epilogue fumble and the method of control of quality of heat treatment process of summary is with heat treatment relative standard is criterion, precaution of base oneself upon is given priority to, standard management, administer thoroughly, the principle that whole raises, produce process quality from the influence such as person, machine, makings, law, annulus the control proceed with of each element, aroused of all kinds personnel sincere letter consciousness and detail style of work, enhanced group spirit and cooperative ability, raised manufacturing process quality to assure ability, obtained apparent quality effect and economic benefits. CNC Milling