Zhejiang hardware, mechanical and electrical products suffers east welcome of allied country home

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Chinese the eastpart part 5 provinces city and east alliance trade dealings and economy cooperate, long-standing, have advantageous condition and actual strength. It is with Zhejiang among them very, zhejiang wait with structure of its resource gift, industry, product structure with east the complementary sex that alliance has, make bilateral trade dealings and economic collaboration have tremendous latent capacity. The treatment industry of Zhejiang has important place in home, spin, dress, silk, leather, food, daily expense is light industrial product, mechanical and electrical products all has better base, have stronger competition ability, many products get east welcome of allied country home. If the main industrial product of Zhejiang is computer soft hardware, agricultural autocycle and car, tractor, its fittings, industrial product of dress of tool of sewing machine, bearing, hardware, spin and its fabrics, plastic products, organic dye, lamps and lanterns and lighting installation, average machine, electric equipment, . Build in Singapore " Zhejiang city " , the impact is very big. The product that produces in Singapore but radiation arrives with Singapore photograph adjacent east alliance each country, the new economic growth that Zhejiang investment Singapore gives Zhejiang to bring nots allow to be not inspected. Foreknow not hard China, east the construction of alliance free-trade area, will become Zhejiang to be opposite east the commerce of alliance offers bigger advantage. Zhejiang accumulates the many civilian capital that rise, will become march east the powerful motive force of alliance, make Zhejiang is in east alliance finds a lot of investment opportunities, drive Zhejiang new round outward investment heats up face. China, the free-trade area will make Zhejiang is become march east a force with the most powerful alliance, make Zhejiang forms a new economic heat. CNC Milling