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Superprecision technology regards equipment manufacturing industry as medium crucial technology, long-term since it is the key that world each country has research and development of advanced production technology and application all the time. Superprecision still is in in Chinese research and application start level, as our country manufacturing industry deepen ceaselessly, superprecision will reveal its vast development space, on December 5, 2005, I have special report of university of the science and technology in Xing Zaihua in the authoritative expert of the superprecision field that enjoys great popularity in Japan and academia of world manufacturing industry and business circles plain power hero gentleman. Ask: Ask you to introduce you the concerned concept to superprecision. In plain power hero: Often everybody is mentioned exceed nicety this word, can feel it is very mysterious, but like be the same as any sophisticated new and high technologies, be familiar with and master what pass period of time, can be understood by masses place, also be so called high-tech no longer, superprecision also is such. Actually, if own the treatment facility that exceeds nicety, and be in related other on technology and craft can match, after the practice that passes period of time, can master it well, but this needs a course. Superprecision domain is a lot of more compositive the technology of IT, machinery and electric control respect, operate and use of equipment respect very complex also, so, after having very close understanding to it only ability has used it. The key of superprecision consists equipment, this are not had can oppugn, but because superprecision equipment is very costly, the meeting when accordingly the user is bought faces very big risk, accordingly, the user often asks to it very tall also, hope it has more functions, can make more patterns, the price that this also can make it conversely is more high. Accordingly, we are developing the initial stage of equipment, adopted what differ with other manufacturer to ponder over means, what we consider is the cost that how reduces facility as far as possible, make superprecision technology can easy the ground is accepted by the user and gain ground to come, it is better to go developing from use angle with, cheaper exceed accurate equipment. Current, superprecision equipment basically uses treatment the optical component that a few exceed nicety, for example optical camera lens, all sorts of blame are spherical lens and spherical lens (digital camera, often use in the mobile phone) etc. The basis machines the need of the object, make the machine tool smaller, in order to raise treatment precision, it is the concept that we develop superprecision device. Ask: Ask you to introduce the characteristic of the superprecision device that you develop. In plain: Equipment basically uses the superprecision that our company develops to make exceed mould of rigid camera lens. The mould that because want,machines is smaller, accordingly we begin to begin from the miniaturization of the machine tool above all. Machine tool miniaturization can bring a lot of profit, it is to machine precision to get rising on one hand, because the heat of the machine tool is out of shape related to dimension of machine tool noumenon, size is small, precision is opposite for can rise; On the other hand, maintain treatment precision to need very strict constant temperature environment (losing 0.

1 degree) , the machine tool is small, space of needs constant temperature room is little, this respect is OK the machine tool with very much leave out runs cost. Next, the law is done not have to measure in machining domain with respect to the treatment that do not have a law, because machine the thing that give, do not pass measure, do not know whether it satisfies a requirement. The precision of superprecision is current the ultimate position of machining, also be to measure the ultimate status that can achieve at the same time, still facing a lot of difficult problem in this respect at present. To superprecision, corresponding measurement equipment must catch up with, ability assures to machine precision achieve the requirement of the design, accordingly, we will measure equipment compositive arrived in superprecision equipment, regard the drive of the measuring instrument as the axis the drive axis of the machine tool, development issue online the superprecision machine tool that measures a function, the made demand that gets used to superprecision well. We use the drive system of the machine tool linear motor, undertake controlling for the unit with accept rice. Again accurate treatment is put in the problem of machining error, the compensation that differs because of this Zha is very important, error information is obtained through measuring in machining a process, restrain an error through compensating pilot method, machine precision with respect to what can achieve a requirement. Current, our superprecision equipment had achieved the treatment precision of accept rice class, this also is the limit that measures equipment at the same time. This equipment has been developed, through many practice test and verify, go up to already congener equipment photograph is compared with market, reached same treatment level completely, have the distinct advantage of ourselves. Now, this kind of machine tool has begun to appear on the market sale, at the same time we will perfect relevant technology continuously, it is mature to make its function is mixed more by force greatly. Ask: You make the equipment that machines lens mould, so, also make the equipment that machines lens? Ask you to introduce the primary treatment method of exact pattern. In plain: The equipment that machines lens is not the category that we develop. If have a pattern, can two kinds of means make the lens of two kinds of types. One kind is vitreous lens, shape through hot pressing will come true, need uses hot pressing forming machine. Another kind is plastic lens, through noting model machine Injection Molding. Its key still depends on a mould, if the mould satisfies a requirement, the product that treatment gives also can satisfy the requirement of precision. Traditional lens is spherical lens mostly, later, people realises the performance with be not spherical lens to having better gradually, because this makes the development way of lens future. Nevertheless, sophisticated production technology restricted those who be not spherical lens to use, lens of traditional and spherical glass machines a method basically is to rely on to grind, make very hard now with the method that grind be not spherical lens, appeared so the method that the model makes lens, although use a pattern,will make lens. Wait for the optical lens that the domain uses in great quantities with group of camera lens model in the mobile phone for example, it is to use more very plastic those who make. The advantage of plastic lens is cost low it is OK to mix mass-produced, but because vitreous lens is in life, stability, into the dominant position with be had stated like the respect such as character, because this glass lens still is used extensively, this produced new technology- - will make vitreous lens with mould figuration. Lens is a kind of special optical parts of an apparatus, ask to exterior figure precision not only tall, right bright and clean degree of demand is very high also. The mould data that plastic lens uses is nickel alloy, come out with treatment of turning of diamond lathe tool. If machine the means of reoccupy polish to amend treatment, with respect to unwarrantable appearance precision, the methodological treatment that must use turning so comes out, the natural diamond cutting tool that uses odd crystallization with respect to need at this moment creates a pattern. To vitreous lens character, must heat glass 600 degrees again pressurization, because the material of this mould cannot use nickel alloy, and should use exceed hard alloy. Exceeding hard alloy is a kind of very hard data, must use treatment of grinding of travel of Zuo of diamond emery wheel, because emery wheel can wear away, because this machines precision to assure very hard, when grinding processes process occurrence error, need to be compensated through measure and undertaking an error, in order to ensure treatment precision. The pattern that treatment gives its surface even plating very thin anti-corrosive filmy. In addition, the life of as hot pressing technology character mould is a problem, at present the life of the mould is 10 thousand times only, produce the word of 1 million spare partses so, need 100 moulds, traditional treatment method lacks competition ability, because this is compositive on our machine tool measuring instrument, collect turning, grinding, measure Trinitarian, do not need to assemble and unassemble repeatedly when treatment workpiece, Zuo is online measure, online compensatory means, achieve the treatment precision that designs a requirement, this rose to machine efficiency greatly. Yellow: At present the precision circumstance of superprecision how? In plain: The resolution of the machine tool is one accept rice, the smallest instruction also is one accept rice. Precision of real fixed position is basic it is left and right sides of 10 accept rice. Have two demands to production model, one is appearance precision, PV is worth (the distance between the peak cereal of error curve) control in 100 accept rice, another is the surface bright and clean degree, ra(average surface is bright and clean degree) the requirement is controlled in 5 accept rice. Ask: The measurement that you use now what is means? Be to use laser or grating? In plain: The measurement technique that we use at present is contact measures a way, although measure head and treatment watch surface contact, the exterior figure that checks work through the means of scanning next and bright and clean degree. This kind of method puts in two problems previously: The first problem is the issue that measures power, because contact generation attrition, attrition produces power, mechanical responsiveness is sent be out of shape, affect precision then, how to reduce measuring force Jin to hold stable to measure is a current main problem; If if why be reduced,measure object appearance to be affected to what measure why,the 2nd problem is. Current, the miniaturization of telescope develops, the tangential role that makes brim of significant line of action is in optical lens increases ceaselessly, bring about face form to become abrupt. Compare with gently face posture, it is extremely difficult that the high accuracy that achieves its appearance is measured. In the light of above we drive two issues give out to measure a head specially, installation is on the machine tool, the XYZ3 axis drive that uses a machine tool measures a head, will finish the measurement of superprecision. Only of course measure a head insufficient still, the meeting in measuring a process generates a lot of data, how to pass these data processing target (appearance precision, bright and clean degree etc) beg come out, this needs corresponding software to come true. This also is a very important segment. Laser or grating are measured belong to blame contact to measure, need not laser or grating, basically be to measure precision short of, from spherical lens for, because lens face has certain ply, influential to laser, spherical to be not lens, metrical processing is more troublesome, so we used contact to measure a law to undertake handling. Ask: Ask you to introduce to exceed the development existing state of affairs that high speed machines. In plain: Exceed high speed to machine and unlike connects what what ordinary people imagine is the work with very great treatment, gives birth to a lot of that Er that cut bits to process a form, point to axis of tool of use high speed however, machine imperceptibly with what Zuo of very small workpiece of cutting tool goes. Exceeding high speed is not cutting the amount is large, show main shaft rotate speed is high however. Exceed high speed to use very petty cutting tool commonly, use picture pinpoint in that way the ball head milling cutter of size will make milling treatment, because cutting tool is very fine, if main shaft rotate speed is not high, do not have cutting ability. High rotate speed adds very imperceptible cutting tool to have imperceptible treatment, actually this still belongs to the category that exceeds careful treatment, just the characteristic is the main shaft rotate speed with milling very high need. The superprecision that a moment ago spoke of basically is to be aimed at turning (the cutting tool that uses diamond) , still have grinding. Actually these two kinds machine means to just differ somewhat on cutting means, but the domain that they belong to superprecision likewise. So far, it is already OK that milling cutter is used than exceeding high speed lesserly on the world accomplish a diameter (30 ~ 50um) degree, and such cutting tool had gotten very general use. High rotate speed is to point to minutely 80 thousand, 100 thousand, 150 thousand turn such quantitative class. Ask: Traditional CAD/CAM software whether the requirement that gets used to superprecision? In plain: Superprecision develops current level, for instance micron, inferior micron even the precision level of accept rice, it is a very big challenge to CAD/CAM. At present the CAM on market is to use interpolation, curve to force into wait for a method to have model, forcing enter and in formative process, very much approximate element has been added, calculate a machine tool to be done again well so, the precision of CAM had been reduced actually, cannot satisfy current superprecision, especially optical the demand of treatment of yuan of parts of an apparatus. It is at present inside global limits, the CAM software that can apply to superprecision of accept rice class is returned actually. Because we do the spherical lens that is special appearance to perhaps be not spherical lens, accordingly we were based on this kind of special appearance to develop software of him appropriative CAM, but this kind of software is gaining ground going up have limitation. One of purposes that we come to this, want to use the advantage resource of the college such as China labour namely, coact development gets used to the CAD/CAM software that superprecision uses. Ask: Introduce you please, product and its market condition. In plain: Our company main development exceeds nicety and freeboard fast treatment facilities. We condense the knowledge that our machining a respect and skill to equipment, come according to the client's demand next custom-built, make equipment more maneuverable to the user. Begin to improve a technology from equipment, it is the way that our company grows. Machine equipment about exceeding high speed, it is early 2 years ago, namely we came out with respect to development in November 2003, got the market approbate. Among them, 11 put in the mainland, basically produce the pattern of the product of electron of small-sized consumption sex such as the mobile phone. Another our product is superprecision equipment. In superprecision equipment respect, we had created an archetypal opportunity, many test was done on this foundation, had made two quantities produce model now, we evaluate the effect of the machine on the foundation of test and verify of a lot of experiments, should say it reached the level of your market satisfaction already completely. The product photograph of the product of our company and other manufacturer is compared, have miniaturization, cost low, have measure a function, have price of very big sex to compare the dominant position that waits for a respect, the product target that we lay is small-sized product, it is OK to use lens first class like digital camera, mobile phone, DVD applicable our product, if want to make large product our equipment is not certain appropriate; In addition, relative to big plant of other machine tool, in market reputation respect, we still need for some time to prove. Estimated that level, our equipment can be sold very well, but show level market to still lie in the process that understands us, we also work in what be dedicated to this respect all the time. Ask: The problem that a lot of high-tech enterprises of Chinese exist generally is " can make a technology, won't do market " , is afraid? In plain: Expand the business that rise from the university, the likelihood is facing similar problem inside global limits. A lot of college professors make a technology research is very outstanding, but negotiate deal, do a business not be expert at. Will tell from personal experience of the individual, I also have the same feeling very much to this, after development gives the product that has top-ranking technology, how to turn technical product, push realize gain to the market, this is a very big test to the operator from professor one's previous experience. I myself still held the position of industry of Japanese university hi-tech to evaluate the chairman of committee, have deeper knowledge to this problem, but since we had done the business, look before face only, ability uses up our greatest effort overcome difficulty quite, make the enterprise moves toward a success. Ask: It is mature that fast treatment facilities compares your freeboard, whether can have brought steady income, use support to exceed the research and development of accurate equipment? In plain: Not be actually such. Because our company is the one part of a very big parent company. At present we rely on the capital support of big company to have research and development all the time. Rise from henceforth of course, the product that we want to rely on him research and development comes gain, and proceed follow-up research and development. When we hold water 5 years ago, basically be key of production of industry of the communication that it is light yuan parts of an apparatus and this equipment of development. Unfortunate is, the network bubble burst of IT industry makes we fail to develop by booked plan. But our wherefrom summed up a lot of experience to teach a lesson in second failure, begin to consider to develop afresh. Also had a few positive result at present, lying in the course that changes to commercial product stage by stage. Ask: Those who make me adv unimaginably is, your company has 20 people only, how can you make a so sophisticated equipment? In plain: We begin be production lens, in this process, discovery machines equipment to be put in a lot of problems. Set out from the angle that solves these problems, we just developed this kind of device. Can say, a few skill that we are a treatment and experience confluence are in equipment. We are not 20 people all from yuan parts of an apparatus begins to consider, do the product slowly next, what we need is the idea that should have his, have oneself design plan, have at the same time among them crucial technology (measure head and software for instance) , other component are to use the photoelectricity that can buy from market yuan parts of an apparatus. Be in Japan, although we are a small companies, but also have a lot of good partners. We also can have a same process in Chinese development. Our profit is not pure rely on to sell this kind of equipment, we still will machine a mould with these equipment. Selling a pattern is our very good gain origin likewise. Be these gain make we can be thrown ceaselessly on new technology research and development. Ask: Ask you to talk about the view that you develop to Chinese manufacturing industry. In plain: The development that a few this years Chinese manufacturing industry obtains is be obvious to all, but basically be to rely on inferior manufacturing cost to obtain, and in crucial equipment especially crucial the development respect of yuan of parts of an apparatus returns the difference with constant presence. Current, production enterprise of Japan often has his Promethean technology, and adopt these techniques come out product production, even if this company makes public his technology, craft, other country and area are done very hard also, because this just has competition ability in the market. Want to obtain the positive result of this kind of innovation, need invests fixed capital in respect of research and development. Accordingly, china still needs to be accumulated certainly, especially time, ability catchs up with Japan. Ask: Finally, ask you to talk about you oneself a few years this to do the feeling of the enterprise. In plain: After I retire from Tokyo university, entered industrial group. Should governmental requirement, I am in a lot of government sectors, develop relevant sectional hold office with the technology especially; Still have the job that the juror that the field develops about the technology in very how old financial group, big board, enterprise, school meets at the same time. Of course, how to still run the company what at present I consider most better go down. I spent 30 years in Tokyo college teach school, the work of development of research of a lot of technologies, product and industrialization also was done during this, but feel in last few years gains is bigger, the domain of oneself ken and sortie a lot of wider, was equivalent to doing the left and right sides 15 years in original university. Regard risk of a high-tech as the operator of the enterprise, facing a lot of pressure and dilemma really, in the process that probes company outlet ceaselessly, I also changed a lot of mind, acquired a lot of things that learn to be less than as the professor in the school. Look back on, although arrived this age, experience so much thing even, suffer so much, but I feel or very worthiness, because this is a kind of very rich way of life. Additional, as an operator, I feel the support of partner and company staff also is very important deeply. If do not have these support, the enterprise cannot be run go down. Accordingly, I am holding the heart of very big gratitude in the arms to employee and partner. Now, my individual target, want hard to had run the company namely, such ability square to investment, to partner and company staff one is explained well. Adscript: In plain the gentleman is Japan the authoritative expert of advanced production technology, and the overall design that doctor of my banner of classmate Li Jun is in charge of superprecision equipment in this company works. In Hua Zhongke ability old school grows fete of Li Peigen academician on their banquet, I understood their research in superprecision domain and development practice, in volunteering to put forward to be opposite plain the gentleman has a special report, in plain the invitation that the gentleman accepted me happily. With in plain the gentleman's communication is very straight-out, left deep impression to me. I think Japan makes the place that a lot of is worth China to make study, this is me the original intention of this special interview. China is developing equipment manufacturing industry energetically, especially system of personal computer cable. Accordingly, my hope can is opposite this with the dialog of " superprecision " the development of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry has certain stimulative effect. [about in plain power hero] in plain power hero gentleman obtained work of Japanese Tokyo college to learn a doctor's degree 1967, after this 30 years hold the post of Tokyo college professor all the time, founded Japanese mould association, hold the post of the chairman of many learning association, hold the position of company of Japanese abundant field and Fanuc to wait for company senior adviser all the time at the same time, great popularity is enjoyed in Japan and academia of world manufacturing industry and business circles. Professor of reputation of university of Tokyo of emeritus 1999 successor and manage change institute reputation researcher, founded 2000 FTC(FineTechCo.

) company, obtained the spending with the biggest whole world the investment of company of Foxconn of manufacturer of OEM of sexual electron product, basically be engaged in exceeding high speed and the development that exceed rigid lens mould to machine equipment. Current, FTC already developed a whole world turning of the first collect, grinding and online measure those who be an organic whole is small-sized exceed rigid lens mould to machine equipment, treatment precision can amount to tens of accept rice. This treatment facilities is read in digital camera camera lens, mobile phone camera lens, DVD take first class the high accuracy batch of small-sized lens has wide applied perspective in production. [machine about exceeding high speed] exceeding high speed processing technique is to point to use the cutting tool that exceeds hard data, excise precision of rate, treatment and the contemporary processing technique that process quality through raising cutting speed and feed speed to improve data greatly. It is at present in this technology, the country that is in lead position basically has Germany, Japan, United States to wait. Exceeding hard data tool is the premise that implementation exceeds high speed to machine and precondition, exceeding technology of grinding of high speed cutting is contemporary freeboard the technique of fast treatment, and machine tool of high speed numerical control and machining center are the crucial equipment that implementation exceeds high speed to machine. As new cutting tool (grind) the ceaseless development of material, 10 years cutting rate should rise every other one times, subsonic speed and even exceed what velocity of sound machines to appear too won't distant. In freeboard fast cutting respect, main shaft of the HG400III that day establishs machine of essence of life machining center is highest turn up 36000~40000r/min, workbench moves quickly speed is 36~40m/min. Speed of shift of feed of machining center of the HVM800 of the American Ingersoll firm that uses linear electric machinery high speed is 60m/min. In freeboard fast grinding respect, at present practical grinding speed already amounted to Japanese industry group 200m/s, the speed of grinding of highest emery wheel of research center of grinding of American Conneticut university amounts to 250m/s. In recent years, our country in each key that exceeds high speed treatment the domain had more research, but overall level still has bigger difference with abroad, must rouse oneself to catch up. [about superprecision] superprecision is to point to prep above of precision of the appearance that be mixed by the dimension of treatment spare parts currently 0.

1 μ M, ra is less than exterior surface roughness 0.

025 μ M, and the resolution of precision of machine tool fixed position and repeatability prep above 0.

The processing technique of 01 μ M, also say for inferior micron class processing technique, be in at present to accept rice class processing technique develops. The country that superprecision technology is in lead position in the world is the United States, England and Japan. The United States is to begin superprecision technology to study the earliest country, also be the country that heretofore is in lead position. British Kelanfeierde is accurate project institute (abbreviation CUPE) enjoy taller reputation, it is one of research centers of accurate project on current world. The research photograph of superprecision technology of Japan is later to starting for Yu Yingmei, but it is the country with the rapiddest development of technology of the superprecision on current world. The small-sized, exceeds part of small-sized electron and optics superprecision technology that is being used in equipment of sound, smooth, image, office especially respect, exceeded the United States even. Our country exceeds accurate machine tool and part in what 80 time metaphase appeared to have world level. But as a whole, with abroad product comparing still has quite big difference. Trend of superprecision technology development is: To high accuracy, efficient way develops; To large change, miniature changes directional development; Detect to treatment unifinication way develops; Machine tool to muti_function modular way develops CNC Milling