6 treatment of numerical control grinder are primary common sense

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Grinding fashion field can divide the circle outside be grinding, inside grinding of curved surface of round grinding, inadvertently grinding, planar grinding, figuration grinding, gear grinding, whorl grinding, tool grinding, common lathe. To it method of corresponding numerical control grinding is as the development of numerical control technology in grinding treatment more and more have important place. Numerical control grinder can machine a few special spare partses that cannot machine on average grinding machine (the axis that is like special curve kind spare parts, the other that has demand of 3 above coordinate spare parts, mould) , the range of treatment spare parts that accordingly it gets used to is wide. To develop the biggest economic benefits of numerical control grinder, OK and first consideration machines an object below. (one) the preparative man-hour of the working procedure of grinder of better use numerical control has the spare parts beneficial result of repeatability put into production higher proportion. For example program of craft analysis preparation, work out, spare parts is adjusted first times try cut etc, the summation of these integrated man-hour often is spare parts sheet machine man-hour a few times to about a hundred times, but content of these job of numerical control lathe (wait like file of clamping apparatus of special and common turner, craft, program) can save rise to be used repeatedly, so a kind of spare parts repeats put into production successfully again in the trial-produce on numerical control grinder when, manufacturing cycle decreases greatly, expenditure is little also, can obtain better economic benefits. (2) requirement key assures to machine quality the spare parts of key of medium, small lot of can efficient production accuses grinder to be able to control next implementation high accuracy, high quality, efficient grinding treatment in the computer. It can save a lot of special tooling than treatment of special grinding machine, have very strong flexible engineering capability and the economic benefits with be obtained better. It and average grinding machine are compared, a lot of factitious interference elements in the long technological process that can eliminate sophisticated treatment, consistency of precision of treatment spare parts and interchangeability are good, treatment efficiency is tall. (3) the treatment batch of the spare parts should be more than numerical control of batch of average grinding machine to grind when grinder of blame numerical control machines spare parts of medium, small lot, as a result of all sorts of reasons, pure cutting time occupies the 10%-30% of actual man-hour only. When be being machined on the numerical control grinder that in grinding machining center foreword of this kind of multitask centers, this scale rises likely 70% , 80% , but many what prepare to adjust man-hour to often want to grow again, so spare parts batch too the hour can become wasteful. (4) the circumstance of workpiece of cutting of the emery wheel when the grinder of craft characteristic numerical control that the spare parts of treatment should accord with foreword of multitask of grinder of numerical control of can sufficient play to center treatment machines a spare parts and grinder of corresponding blame numerical control are just the same, but the compound treatment that it can have a few have treatment precision to ask, if be in grinding limits respect, the end panel that average grinding machine basically uses at grinding round cylinder, cone or shoulder of axis of a flight of stairs is common grinder grinding, numerical control cylindrical grinder is divided in addition, still but grinding torus (include protruding and face and sunken a face) , and the complex assorted surface with multiform above. (5) the balance of integrated process capability regards the spare parts as grinder of only station numerical control, it finishs the full treatment content of a spare parts very hard, the treatment working procedure of need and other equipment turns receive cooperate, have manufacturing metre and the demand that workshop productivity balances consequently. Want to consider to develop numerical control grinder adequately to machine a characteristic so, numerical control grinder should arrange form a complete set to balance working procedure on other treatment facilities reasonably again. (6) although treatment batch is very small,the consideration that a few special spare partses machine has a few parts, common lathe but appearance complex, quality is high, requirement interchangeability is good, this cannot achieve afore-mentioned requirements on grinder of blame numerical control, can arrange the treatment on numerical control grinder only, for example parabola, cycloidal cam and special model the illuminator lens face of the face. CNC Milling