The mould machines the implementation in the process to detect quickly

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Well-known, the treatment quality of mould antrum and precision, note model model especially, matter to the exterior of the product, quality and function directly. To model of antrum core detect method all the time since callipers of bureau be confined to, hit the traditional method such as the watch, metrical limitation is very big, metrical reliability is not high also. Encounter simple geometry appearance to be in the majority model antrum core, still can deal with basically, once encounter complex curved surface,be in the majority however model antrum core, it is difficult that the engineer can make. More moment, the engineer is to use the precision of first product to undertake turning over pushing, also have will model machine of the scintilla on antrum undertakes osculatory detecting. But, we need to notice a bit, no matter be first product detects,law or electric spark detect law, premise is get on the mould from CNC machine tool debus, outfit clip arrives the machine that note model or other machine tool, so once model error of antrum core existence, with respect to need regain machine tool undertakes rework, inevitable meeting produces reshipment to place an error in the process, affect the rework precision of the final result that hold clip and later period. Face first three-dimensional operate experience and the technical actual strength in three-dimensional digitlization domain by right of rich case, the compares pair of software pattern that rolled out white smooth three-dimensional scanner to cooperate major detects plan, can be in model in process of antrum core treatment, and after treatment is finished, need not reshipment clip, detect with respect to can accurate apace the treatment quality of the mould and precision. This the largest dominant position that covers program depends on: (1) detect need not assemble and unassemble, avoid the error that hold clip; (2) detect fast, instant and visible; (3) detect appearance is unlimited, can satisfy a variety of detecting demand; (4) metrical significant drop is more, but integral report error distributings. We are opposite to just finish rough machining above all model antrum has a test. Mould engineer will open wide surplus set when process designing for 0.

1mm, this numeric size to later period finish machining with knife and the compensation that use a knife is having decisive effect. If can accurate open control thick the mental allowance after, so machine efficiency to rising, reduce cutting tool wear and tear, reduce treatment risk to be able to bring tremendous help. In the graph can see in 1 photograph, operation personnel is below the case that assembles clip without mobile mould, will face three-dimensional Bai Guang first scanner explore works into CNC inside cabin, aim the rough machining that finish model antrum undertakes data is collected, whole collect a process not to exceed 3 minutes, after can getting immediateness complete rough machining instantly model the three-dimensional scanning data of antrum (graph 2) , integral precision control is in a less than. After the scanning that finish, handle data of personnel general CAD (graph 3) the scanning data that just gets together detects in major undertake comparing is opposite in software (what use in personnel of the operation in the experiment is Shiningform XOV software, similar software still has the Qualify of Rapidform XOV and Geomagic, function and performance are more similar, can choose likewise) . Bencibi is ± to using tolerancepublic errand lubricious range 0.

1mm, that is to say, if model the scanning result of antrum is in with CAD data error 0.

Inside 1mm, criterion the system will show green, other part criterion according to error size, present different colour. In distributinging graph of error color atlas (graph 4) in, we can discover clearly, model the color of antrum place is given priority to with yellow, error numerical value is centered in 0.

1mm comes 0.

Between 25mm. To make margin of error appears more subtly, in operating personnel to use software " dot error " function, nod an one by one to undertake data is measured to the key. Nextpage from the graph 5 we observe not hard piece, average error is adjacent 0.

13mm, the specification is after rough machining, incomplete allowance is 0.

13mm, so operation personnel can know, the compensation value of this cutting tool should increase possibly 0.

01mm left and right sides. And be in the finish machining of later period, exceed as a result of what have 3 anticipate remain, the likelihood needs to arrange semifinishing machining, in order to avoid needless cutting tool and time loss. Arrangement of our the 2nd experiment is in model after antrum completes precision work. Such advantage depends on, need not move the outfit clip of the mould, also need not go up the machine that note model undertakes trying a model, direct scanning antrum, the CAD data that is the same as a standard next undertakes be comparinged directly is opposite. The place before scanning measure is like is narrated. Very fast, the scanning data after we got completing precision work (graph 6) . Undertake in comparing pair of software global error is compared right, this tolerancepublic errand lubricious limits is set for ± 0.

02mm. The mental allowance information that profit from gets after rough machining, mould engineer adjusted treatment parameter and cutting tool setting in time, can discover now so, the quality that finish machining achieves is satisfactory, the area error control of 95% is in ± 0.

Inside the limits of 02mm. Pass specific the numerical value that measures part of out of tolerance, and the configuration that observation out of tolerance distributings, we can make conclusion easily, this model the Qing Genxi of antrum does still not be very reach the designated position, have on average adjacent 0.

The out of tolerance of 03mm, because wear and tear of clear root cutting tool is caused,this may be. The basis measures gotten data, mould engineer can fill according to the knife with factual error appropriate set value, open motive bed instantly, undertake optimizing handling! In product appearance increasingly it is difficult that difficulty of treatment of diversification, mould adds machining error of big, mould to be sent more gradually with pilot today, a lot of mould engineers are searching a kind to be able to control those who machine precision and time cost simple and efficiently to detect analytic plan, and white smooth three-dimensional scanner cooperates to detect the technical plan that compares pair of software, just can help mould engineer realize a mould to machine efficiency promotion, quality to optimize the goal that reduces with the risk, and the advantage is very clear, the most outstanding depended on: Program of this kind of technology can absolve a mould machine the new outfit in the process to place, and implementation compares right working position in real time. CNC Milling