March toward automation: Car frame gripper shoe machines new facility

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Nimble of place of Jinan casting forge strides mechanical limited company to develop the punching that gives a kind to basically be used at car frame gripper shoe to machine equipment recently, stride to automation further on each treatment link. Those who be worth to draw lessons from is, its written guarantee in airframe stiffness, mould the respect such as way of compose, orientation and hydraulic pressure system undertook be designinged technically, to gripper shoe of frame of such as car in treatment of large board punch, can yet be regarded as a kind of efficient and practical solution. The punching of hydraulic pressure of TP120FMC numerical control that nimble of place of Jinan casting forge strides mechanical limited company to develop production is unit, mature on the design to the craft characteristic that fits product of car frame gripper shoe. In the meantime, with form a complete set of punching lead plane go up automatically, next labor intensity that expect device reduced handlers not only and personnel amount, more make overall treatment efficiency and sex of on the safe side are able to reform considerably. Be worth what carry is, this equipment applies to domain of automobile manufacturing industry not only, believe future still can be in the industry such as steel structure, electric power, communication extends his to apply. This punching is unit by punching lead plane, on device of the makings on makings stage car, acetabulum, send into workbench, acetabulum the composition such as next next makings device, makings stage cars and numerical control system. The function reachs a characteristic: "Automation " the punching leader that becomes keyword TP120FMC is special design, the size range of pipe bent to board makings and not flatness adaptability is strong. Board makings and workpiece are entered group by group piece, on, next material processes undertake automatically; Board makings assists fixed position artificially the operation is simple, have automatic re-orientation function. On together with, the structure of next moulds is simple and production cost is low, change installation is very convenient, when be being saved already save labour. Its are automatic monitoring function is relatively perfect, have a graph to show, cut off the power add is strong wait for a function. Still provide the function of software of automatic process designing that Yi Xueyi uses. The graph expects unit is main on the compositive acetabulum of 1 punching unit by on a few parts such as moving beam of acetabulum of makings stage car, electromagnetism, perpendicular lifting support, level and base are comprised (graph 2) . Makings stage car bears the weight of on the board battlements that needs treatment, edge ground course expects in the code with the makings on sucking disk between move automatically. It uses profiled bar to solder the drive form of type frame structure and machine of electric machinery decelerate and catenary drive. Electromagnetism acetabulum passes action of strong magnetic field to promote the plank sorption that gets on makings stage car, repass level moving orgnaization sends to send into workbench. Board makings by the artificial and auxiliary fixed position that finish, immediately enters lead plane treatment. Electromagnetism acetabulum is had short when demagnetization of electrify excitation, retrorse electrify, cut off the power the character that keeps magnetic, on the safe side, and its arrange the position to also can be adjusted, in order to get used to the requirement of all sorts of plank norms. Perpendicular litre of actuating device that falls to move with the level all wait for composition by slideway of drive of rack of machine of decelerate of worm of electric machinery of frequency control apply the brake, worm wheel, gear and linear ball. Each function stops the position to part by be close to switch to detect control, among them, drop suck board it is self-reacting along with the ply change of board battlements. Device of the makings below sucking disk and go up the structure of makings device is roughly identical, lead plane of symmetrical cloth park two side, the work that completes lead plane treatment automatically by send into workbench to take serve to next makings stage cars. Next makings stage cars and the structure that get on makings stage car are identical, in order to be used at depositing the work that lead plane treatment completes. The graph expects unit leader is machine of punching of hydraulic pressure of TP120 numerical control on 2 acetabulum, main by the system of power of lathe bed opening type, hydraulic pressure, straight mould that list type, send into workbench, pneumatic, lubricant reach numerical control system to wait for a part to comprise (see a picture 3) . Lead plane airframe is type construction, with send into workbench schism, the stress of airframe classics past that solder by armor plate and becomes retreats fervent processing, machine precision in order to ensure enough tigidity is mixed; Hydraulic pressure system introduces product of complete set of German Halley company. Will see a pattern again, its show double platoon to list type to distributing continuously, have pneumatic to choose modular orgnaization and nitrogen bedspring to control makings apparatus, the structure is fast and reasonable, reliable; Cylinder body of punch oil cylinder and lathe bed join with bolt and key, its piston lever and slide block are linked together; Join of part of mould upper mould leaves end panel at slide block, and by ball of big norms nicety linear slideway is directed, move up and down along with slide block, in ensuring the lower mould part that goes up on lathe bed with solid keeps right, hold <> concurrently fight enoughly slant carry ability. Send into workbench base and beam to all solder for profiled bar structure, the versatile ball bearing on mesa makes board makings motion more smooth, installation sneaks away at X axis board on and the pincers of 3 hydraulic pressure with adjustable position offerred enough board feed mix to hold power; Axis of X, Y actuating device reachs ball by guide screw of servo electric machinery, shaft coupling, accurate ball linear slideway form; Pneumatic control realized choice of to load of oil cylinder punch and the changeover of the condition that change a pattern, mould and upper mould restoration, board makings partly fixed position piece rises demote function; Lubricant function makes sure crucial motion component can hold whole working position. Electric control system basically includes electric control system software of system of numerical control of unit PLC controller, lead plane, automatic process designing, and relevant communication interface and other and local control equipment. Its use controller of 3 water chestnut PLC, hang outside modular structure, facilitate expand further. Graph plan of structure of 3 lead plane used system of numerical control of Japanese FANUC 0i-PC, its configure the cable join module with interference rejection stronger capability, have technical punch software support, main functional characteristic is as follows: 1, the graph shows program check out procedure; 2, mould management; 3, pincers protects a function; 4, breakdown diagnoses a function; 5, function of high speed punch; 6, to program instruction is rich; 7, can have news report through RS232 serial mouth and computer; 8, speed set function; 9, function of conversational process designing; 10, a variety of choosing match if the function is Chinese and English show, set of many bits of compensation of much archives speed, origin, compensation, pitch compensation, soft limit, monitoring calls the police etc. Software of automatic process designing is to be this equipment to spend a body custom-built, process designing computer passes cable and join of numerical control system, those who have a program is two-way transmit. This software can call the electronic blueprint documentation of a variety of general patterns directly, create machine program automatically, fast and accurate. It has cutting tool to slant automatic computation, automatic filter divides buy repeat management of library of scale aperture, mould, mould to match automatically, method is optimized, automatic relocation, accept environment of file of graph of DWG/DXF /IGES/PAT format, Windows to move wait for a function. Flow chart of job of flow chart of work of unit of punching of hydraulic pressure of graph 4 TP120FMC numerical control 4 show this equipment normally working flow. 1, the user passes software of automatic process designing to compile workpiece graph document on process designing computer create machine program, output to memory of numerical control system; 2, contrast order pattern configuration is odd, check the mould norms on punching lead plane reachs worker worker, if difference changes to the mould,install; 3, get on makings stage car to lade consummate stuff place goes after waiting for treatment board battlements; 4, device of the makings on sucking disk moves according to PLC controller instruction, electromagnetism acetabulum be issued to lower levels touchs stop when board makings, excitation is sucked expect and promotion sends into workbench face place to await to prep above, once be given out when lead plane be all set,go up makings signal when, move to along X axial level send into workbench upper part to stop, next demagnetization of be issued to lower levels puts makings hind to rise again return suck makings undertake going up the next time expecting process; 5, after be being put to the board material that sends into workbench to go up to assist fixed position by handlers handiwork, the leader that start runs machine program, process of punch of the workpiece that finish; 6, device of the makings below sucking disk is controlled by PLC controller, according to with on the action with makings similar device is ordinal workpiece by send into take on workbench put to next makings stages on the car, finish loop of a treatment so far. And in follow-up treatment loop, on, next makings start courses cooperate across of lead plane job to undertake, assist time in order to save treatment, rise overall efficiency. After batch machines an end, next makings stage cars can run the workpiece of stow to have a change of luck to be versed in, use for issueing working procedure to take. CNC Milling