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The deep aperture treatment that power station factory spares parts is average of serious machine industry those who see also is more complex process. The deep Kong Jia with at present more mature development is versed in cutting tool has flat auger, BTA covers makings getting, M model auger, gush is sucked auger, the gun is gotten and bits is discharged to get inside wrong tine etc. Flat important place is had in be being gotten in deep aperture of electric machinery rotor to machine, multi-purpose cut a diameter to be more than 75mm, long way at getting than be more than the deep aperture of 35. With other deep Kong Dao provides photograph comparing, flat drilling tool has a structure simple, production cost is low, use convenient wait for an advantage. But when undertaking deep Kong Jia is versed in, flat the working environment that get closes, abominable; In the meantime, because handlers cannot observe flat the working status that get, when treatment easy occurrence heat in metal cutting too the phenomenon that center and burns a knife. Accordingly, flat to the tradition the structure that get undertakes improvement imperative. The problem tradition of 1 existence is flat the capable person that get is high-speed steel character, cutting speed is inferior. Because accept the restriction of integral type construction, flat the horn before the job that get is the horn before losing, axial force and torque are bigger; Its are oriented and main rely on flat the fixed position that gets collet to go up is oriented key (hind guide structural) , oriented and flabby, go easily slant; Flat the cutting knife that plunge uses symmetrical structure, cannot break up cut ply effectively. Auger cut sincere when, if flat get point of a knife to grind blunt, extruding is formed likely in workpiece surface, make get cut force and torque to increase suddenly, bring about the happening of collapse blade phenomenon, make flat get whole to discard as useless. The improvement of 2 structures by afore-mentioned analysises knowable, the tradition is flat get a structure unreasonable it is to cause flat the main reason that gets treatment to discard as useless effect difference, easily. For this, can undertake improvement from the following respects: Instead of structure of will whole form of characters or letters assembles type construction, choose hard alloy razor blade and pick the part before the job of bit for before horn (6 ° of 0 ° ~ ) , accept strength condition in order to improve; the structure of asymmetry of symmetrical structure instead of cutting blade, can break up cut ply effectively; In flat get a center to increase a twist drill, in order to partakes partial cutting force. 1.

Top silk 2.

Bit 3.

Wedge piece 4.

Slip annul 5.

Twist drill 6.

Go up cutter hub 7.

After next cutter hub graphs improve flat after getting structural sketch map to improve flat if plan institute shows,get a structure: Use assemble type construction, go up, next cutter hub are held to the clip since bit and position intention; Twist drill is located in the center of cutter hub, can bear not only partial cutting force, still can raise fixed position precision; Hard alloy razor blade is embedded outfit between fluctuation cutter hub, the two side of twist drill, bit installation shows asymmetry structure, two side cone angle is unequal also (Q1=25 ° , q1=20 ° ) . After hard alloy razor blade wears away, can mix through top silk wedge piece adjusts bit reach a capacity, make bit repeats use. The 3 effects after improving are used after improving flat auger when undertaking deep Kong Jia is versed in, because the twist drill of cutter hub center begins cutting first, bore to compare the axial load with hard alloy bigger razor blade consequently, improved the working condition of further from cutting tool center razor blade. Because control the bit crisscross of two side to arrange, make the cent that cut bits is length equal paragraphs small, discharge bits easily, raised cutting tool durability. Q1 of two side cone angle and Q2 differ, make the ply of cut gets be breakinged up effectively, in feed and cutting area particular case falls, cutting force can distributing to go up in each razor blade. Use assemble type hard alloy is flat auger undertake deep Kong Jia is versed in, be equivalent to bore, bore hole two working procedure close together, reduced treatment and auxiliary time, improved productivity. Use after improving flat drill deep hole of rotor of treatment electric machinery (Ø150 × 1000mm) , the central aperture flexibility after treatment is 0.

75mm/ is full-length, treatment uses man-hour 13.

5h/1000mm, bright and clean degree achieve Ra3.

2. Production carries out a proof, with after improving flat drill treatment deep hole, oriented performance is good, axial force and torque are small, treatment precision is tall, cutting tool durability is tall, manufacturing efficiency is flatter than using a convention auger rise 3 times much, it is a kind of more perfect deep opening machines cutting tool. CNC Milling