Cut of high speed line filters mediumly technology

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According to Charmilles technology company (be located in Yilinuosi the Lincolnshire of the city) ministry of research and development introduces, the Robofil 240CC that develops newly recently by them and machine tool of cut of 440CC electric spark line, have can fall in common treatment condition, achieve horary cut 42 square inch the process capability of tool steel. According to saying, this is the highest index of speed of cut of the line on the world that at present machine tool of cut of electric spark line can reach. Machine tool of cut of these two electric spark lines comes out with so high breathtaking cut rate, showed the technical actual strength with this company peculiar place to people, with the position that this improves this company to go up in the international market of intense competition further. Via considering to think, want to achieve rate of so rapid cut of electric spark line, the most crucial technology is, need develops a design to give to be able to get used to need of fast line cut, what will arise in line cut is many and drossy, undertake the seasonable processing, job fluid that eliminate is supplied with filter system. By filter the system filters piece drossy how many not very important, can mix quickly, effectively from inside working fluid what will arise in cut of electric spark line thoroughly is drossy filter come out, just be the key that solves a problem. A large number of research that make by this company place make clear, if cannot seasonable will drossy filter come out, will make working fluid loses the ability of fast line cut immediately, make machine the dimension precision of addle of surface roughness of spare parts surface and influence treatment spare parts. For this, a kind of amount that Charmilles company design gives comes more 2-4, 2 times more than before of filter core new-style filter system. 2-4 of use lieutenant general filter core installation filters in two in loop, but odd loop is used or be opposite at the same time drossy undertake twice filtering handling. Using at machining difficulty big, for example when cut of freeboard spare parts, install core of filter of 4 paper quality to undertake twice filtering. Usually, need to use a of core of filter of 2 paper quality to filter only loop undertakes filtering, and do not affect line cut treatment. Use lieutenant general loads two filter core filter system, assemble directly lay aside case is put in working fluid in, such it can make filter the system maintains from beginning to end work below constant actuating pressure, force drossy course to filter systematic filter goes out. What together with uses is density big multilayer paper filter core, increased according to saying of 54% filter area, rose to filter greatly consequently precision. Introduce according to Charmilles company, 2 times land increases filter core but 2 times land increases filter systematic service life, 2.

6 times land increases filter the service life of systematic spare parts, but 3.

Land of 8 times above increases nobody to change time of electric spark cut, 40% ground to reduce finished cost. The drossy course high accuracy in working fluid filters, mean between electrode silk and spare parts, only clean working current passes, those who enlarged working fluid pass an area, make the spare parts can be in (adjust by need by pulse generator) below the control of ideal line cut parameter, do not suffer any obstacles and interference ground to have cut of electric spark line, raise the treatment precision of the spare parts greatly so. The power source of new-style CC pulse that Robofil company equiped to be produced by Charmilles company on 240CC and machine tool of 440CC line cut, this is one kind can raise ignition voltage and higher ultimate amplitude capability to be the pulse generator of main characteristic greatly with having. Such OK the basis machines a spare parts, the cut parameter such as size of the ignition voltage that adjusts a need, electric current and pulse frequency and amplitude size, generation goes out the idealest " appearance " pulse electric spark, undertake line cut machines fast electric spark. Besides, clean working fluid also can make its refrigeration efficiency rises greatly, decrease to cause the internal stress that electrode silk breaks off easily at the same time. This big to cut ply and big taper spare parts especially important. According to concerning data introduction, machine tool of 440CC line cut can the biggest ply of cut part is 24 inches (609.

6mm) with the process capability that gives 30 ° taper in the cut on whole ply, improve manufacturing efficiency at the same time. Finally, the company introduced to use new fund to filter a few advantages that the system still has, it is to make the following two sides issue, get satisfactory settlement: 1.

The discharge clearance between spare parts and electrode, it is one does not hope really drossy the section that produces negative effect here, because become the metal is drossy contact with electrode silk, will produce the electric spark that does not need, to electrode silk generation corrodes action, reduce the service life of electrode silk. 2.

In working fluid drossy filter sordid, exist for long in working fluid, still meet cut and wear away working fluid puts the sealed component inside lay aside box, time grew to be able to destroy its sealed action, influence treatment effect and increase changing auxiliary time. New fund filters systematic equipment still can make machine tool of cut of electric spark line is on the large workbench of configuration, undertake to massive spare parts cut of high accuracy line is machined. CNC Milling