Chromium is reduced in ECM treatment (the method of VI)

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Electroanalysis sundrily chromic metal machines a method (ECM) use is extremely extensive. Going for example burr, shape, tectonic, bore hole, dozen when mark and undertaking machining to miniature structure. Sitec company makes a firm as a machine, work up becomes the professional manufacturer that machines craft to ECM is used inside industrial domain, had completed project of about a hundred ECM. This company design, research and development and production ECM equipment and device. In addition, sitec company processes all sorts of cell in batch of the proper motion on many equipment. Undertake to series parameter before offerring money company of Sitec of examine and verify is in his ECM application center research and development of aspirant travel technology, first the model turns treatment and treatment of the first prototype. On this foundation development gives equipment technology plan. Degree of equipment model, automation, quality assures, the plan such as means of tool, control, equipment and technological process parameter just can be decided. Through detecting series parameter, before equipment is sending past user, its function had gotten very good safeguard (graph 1) . Graph 1 in using ECM technology process, sitec company puts the protection to person and environment in the first place. When industrial business is accepting technology of this kind of treatment, the biology that increases increasingly and environmental protection idea had decisive effect. Because this is in in last few years in, people undertook detailed analysis to craft and equipment. In the process of technical research and development of the enterprise, program of a lot of technologies is applied to equipment. Later development makes brief characterization to this. Because use enclosed medium exercise circulation, all sorts of critical factors are eliminated entirely almost. The occasion uses in great majority, the electrolyte that used PH value to be neuter (a kind of tool that machines craft place this kind to need namely) . The metallic hydrate that arises only is when bypass with corresponding periphery establishment by eliminate from inside technological process. What what generate here is cake of a kind of Lv, it cuts bits to do not have different with what what produce in machining. But, when undertaking to containing chromium steel material ECM is machined, ionic meeting enters chromium to go in electrolyte. Avirulent chromium (III) ionic meeting resembles iron (III) ionic and same separate out is chromic (III) hydroxide. Accordingly, this kind of material can be filtered together with Tie Qing oxide. In the meantime, chromic (VI) ion also can enter electrolyte in, this kind of material becomes very poisonous when reaching certain consistency. With chromium (III) ionic and contrary, this kind of chromium (VI) ion dissolves extremely easily at water, its chroma can increase gradually in electrolyte. The operates personnel skin by equipment can get the enroach on of electrolyte, or people also can be harmed when inspiratory electrolyte volatile. Mix in cutting of metal of the generous that contain chromium especially metallic cutting amount is large (shape for example and bore hole) below the circumstance, need is added on equipment set a few corresponding technology equipment. Sedimentary it is OK to can be ground to give out a kind by cleared Sitec company in box type filter press separate out is chromic (VI) method. The accretion of precipitant is accepted adjust, what what produce is sedimentary can be kept clear of in box type filter press (graph 2) . The advantage of program of this kind of technology is be obvious to all. In every time node, chromic (VI) chroma is foregone. According to need right amount join precipitant, so that maintain formulary limiting value. Graph 2 reduce chromium (VI) principle of pH indicator technological process pursues from this, operation personnel suffers a harm no longer, the use of chemical also can get effective keep within limits. Sedimentary by eliminate completely to go out from inside electrolyte. Compare with photograph of other technology program, ECM technological process was not hampered, the service life of electrolyte also gets huge is lengthened. Pass the adept application to this technology, sitec company was the mankind and environmental protection to make contribution. CNC Milling