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This kind of broach uses ◆ of   of material of cutting tool of characteristic & advantage HSS-E(M35) of cobalt radical high-speed steel is made, this is material of a kind of high grade high-speed steel cutting tool, after passing heat treatment, its hardness can exceed the hardness of material of other high-speed steel. ◆ contains cobaltic element as a result of this kind of high-speed steel, below higher cutting temperature so its hardness still won't be reduced. When need machines stainless steel and heat-resisting alloy, this kind of broach is a very good choice. ◆ because the specific ingredient structure of M35, make its have the integral performance of exceedingly good hardness and tenacity, so this broach can have very tall wear-resisting caustic sex. The appearance of the geometry that get a tip of A620 of ◆ of geometrical appearance   is successive hind horny shovel is ground, contain horizontal blade to repair grind. Because ◆ used this kind of omnibus design that get a tip, this broach is getting the thrust that the place on axial can reduce to arise when cutting treatment. Because this is in those who machine those difficult cutting, easy generation is taller when the workpiece material of cutting temperature is like stainless steel, this kind of broach has distinct advantage. The form of horizontal blade of this kind of broach and geometrical appearance can offer ◆ first-rate centering quality. Getting for the most part so when cutting a circumstance, need to book heart working procedure no longer. Recommend use this kind of broach suits to wait for material to undertake getting cutting machining to steel and stainless steel particularly. DIN1897 of size scope   : Diametical limits is Φ 2.

5- Φ 13.

Because ◆ of   of advantage of   of A620 of 0mm     is integrated the advantage of cutting tool material and geometrical appearance respect, when this kind of broach is processing stainless steel, attainable wonderful treatment performance and cutting tool life. ◆ because the axial thrust of generation is inferior, reason can prolong cutting tool life and reduce the force that gets on main shaft. ◆ is had exceedingly good from centering ability, but all-around raise bore quality and fixed position precision. The A620 of much horse company gets a tip successive hind horny shovel is ground and contain horizontal blade to repair grind CNC Milling