The representative application of craft of flying knife cutting

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Flying knife cutting (Fly-cutting) is to be on the base that exceeds accurate lathe, place a method through changing the outfit of cutting tool and workpiece, raise yeast for making hard liquor to lead the treatment mode of efficiency of cutting of long and narrow workpiece. Its principle is cutting tool radial installation is on front of cylindroid bit body, follow bit body installation main shaft high speed to rotate on lathe main shaft again, reason is called " flying knife " . Workpiece criterion installation undertakes linear feed along with workbench on workbench, realize cutting process thereby. Besides the lens of circumgyrate semmetry, all sorts of wave guide parts of an apparatus are in the application on the product is increasing also, wave guide parts of an apparatus is the optical parts of an apparatus that one kind guides and restrains smooth transmission way and direction. Characteristic of parts of an apparatus of form wave guide is lens face curvature big, appearance is long and narrow, the efficiency that uses general turning treatment low and the restriction of radius of main shaft circumgyrate that size range of pipe bent accepts lathe. After machining a parts of an apparatus of form wave guide to be finished when contrail of a cutting tool, "Flying knife " be apart from certainly as shift of direction of span of cutting of main shaft edge, turn the treatment that is another contrail. As a result of cutting tool every rotate a week, cutting tool and workpiece are contacted only, treatment efficiency is lower, accordingly in order to fly knife cutting is flowing when curved surface, use commonly get together the lathe tool of circular arc edge of brilliant diamond material will replace dagger of single crystal diamond, with increasing cutting span as far as possible, increase main shaft rotate speed at the same time, in order to improve treatment efficiency. The face of small structure of optical parts of an apparatus that adds a tool to have small structure array is to show the little face develop that has specific function attacks appearance, shape face precision the surface of class of Da Yawei rice. Lens of refractive index of if small structure array is optical diffractive and lens of Er of Nie of parts of an apparatus, humble, optical component, gradient, glaring grating, much prism, the graph is typical pyramid small structure on. Because small structure array is optical what component can raise optical parts of an apparatus greatly is deep wide than, be helpful for the miniaturization of the product. Using flying knife cutting to machine the principle of small structure array is to be in on whole area after the treatment that completes a direction, the need of the small structure form that the basis should process turns workpiece proper point of view has the treatment of another direction again, the linear chamfer small structure that gives a need till treatment, intersect by many the array of small chamfer structure that group becomes, the prism matrix of repeatability, pyramid matrix. CNC Milling