Hill Qi campstool overcomes new generation much face to machine machine ANGURAX 900

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In small lot treatment production site comes true efficient the new generation of treatment machines machine new generation many times many machining center [ANGULAX 900] , can go to main shaft from perpendicular position horizontal position undertakes with aleatoric angle graduation comes true thereby successive many treatment, the high speed cutting that comes true through feed of main shaft of high speed roll, height is machined, in small lot treatment production site was developed efficient the main effect of productivity. With level quality of the biggest load is in the machine on the workbench of 630mm of width of F 900mm × , can put 700mm of F940mm × height, the workpiece till 800kg, clamping apparatus. The operation sex around workbench also is advantageous ANGULAX 900 is when the design, to make the shift of point of a knife or cutting condition trying when cutting, undertake OK and simply affirming, operator gate was installed with flank in front of of bonnet, be close to main shaft and workbench easily from this. Axis of X- of limits of main parameter exercise (workbench controls shift) : 800mm Y axis (main shaft is perpendicular and mobile) : 600mm Z axis (workbench around is mobile) : 700mm A axis (main shaft head rotates) : 1Axis of 80 ° B (workbench rotates) : 3X of 60 ° speed, y, z axis: 50, 000mm/min A axis: 39.

5r/min B axis: 33.

Dimension of 3r/min workbench mesa: Workbench of 630 Mm of F900 × width bearings: Main shaft of 800kg main shaft is highest rotate speed: 18, taper of 000r/min main shaft: The acceleration of 40 main shaft of 7/24: From 0 come quickly 18, 000r/min needs 1.

Electric machinery of 8s main shaft: 30kW changes size of knife knife library automatically: The 30 time that change a knife (cut bits to cutting bits) 6.

Over all dimension of 4s machine tool removes height from the ground: 3013mm covers an area of an area: Weight of 2910 X 3480mm: 12000kg CNC Milling