Professional PCB engineer understands heavy copper technology for your detailed

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Heavy copper is the abbreviation of chemical copper facing, also call plating via, logogram is PTH, it is to point to be in already on the not electric hole wall base material of bore, on the methodological deposit of chemically one thin thin chemical copper, in order to regard as from the back the base of electric copper facing. PTH flow: The alkalescent → that remove oil 2 or 3 class are refluent full → is thick change (small corrode) 2 class of → are refluent full → beforehand → of dip → activation refluent full → sees 2 level glue → 2 class are refluent full → is heavy cupreous → 2 class are refluent full → dip is acerbity. Shed Cheng Xiang to solve in detail: 1.

Alkalescent remove oil: Eliminate board face the dust inside smeary, finger mark, oxide, aperture; Make hole wall is adjusted by negative electric charge for positive electrical charge, the adsorption of palladium of the colloid in the working procedure after facilitating. 2.

Small corrode: The oxide of eliminate board face, thick change board face, make sure sequel has good adhesion between heavy copper layer and copper of base material bottom, palladium of OK and very good adsorptive colloid; 3.

Beforehand dip: Basically be to protect palladium chamfer to avoid the pollution that gets pre-treatment chamfer juice, prolong the service life of palladium chamfer, but significant benefit wet hole wall, facilitating follow-up activating solution is entered in time enough and effective activation undertakes inside aperture; 4.

Activation: After via pre-treatment the alkalescent polarity that remove oil is adjusted, the hole wall that carries positive electricity but effective adsorption is enough the colloid palladium grain that contains negative electric charge, in order to assure the average sex of sequel heavy copper, successional with compact sex. 5.

Solve glue: Outflank outside grain of purify colloid palladium inferior stannum is ionic, the palladium nucleus that makes colloid grain medium is exposed come out, with the chemistry of direct and effective catalysis that start heavy copper reacts. 6.

Heavy copper: The activation that passes palladium nucleus causes chemistry heavy copper to react from catalysis, newborn chemistry copper and reaction by-product are hydric can regard reaction activator catalysis as reaction, make heavy copper reaction continual undertake. After be being handled through this measure, can be on board face or hole wall deposit a chemical copper. The quality of heavy copper working procedure matters to the quality that produces circuit board directly, it is to cross aperture to be illogical, open the main source process with bad short circuit, and no-go sight control, working procedure also can pass ruinous test only after the sieve that has probability sex is checked, cannot be opposite individual PCB board undertake analytic monitoring effectively, want to be operated strictly according to the parameter of exercise instructor so. This shows, find manufacturer of appropriate PCB draw a design to appear particularly important. Nimble much state is in every link in PCB draw a design, the technology can be accomplished very good accuse, product of will high quality PCB draw a design sends in client hand. Industry of PCB of deep ploughing of nimble much state is old, it is manufacturer of professional PCB draw a design, and devote oneself to to solve an enterprise to be spent to difficulty in PCB draw a design, nicety board, the pain spot that nowhere machines special type board. ! CNC Milling