China supports project of research and development of 31 keys background science

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Zhang Xianen of director of basic research department announces ministry of Chinese science and technology 15 days here, ministry of science and technology to seed of main crop core diversity of main function gene and its value consider to wait for basic research of 31 nations emphasis to develop plan project to invest capital, strive to did not come 5 years immanent these background science forward position fetch the significant primary gain that achieve a gender. Zhang Xianen says, on the difficulty that restrict and affects Chinese countryman economy and social progress and bottleneck problem, pollution of environment of base of the large-scale aerification that ministry of science and technology aided financially group of gene of function of pily fiber character to learn to study as improved as the element, coal and liquefacient basic research, northeast old industry forms the basic research that mechanism of mechanism and zoology rehabilitate research, canceration and malignant tumor prevent and cure to wait for a project; Already obtained international in Chinese scientist the domain of banner level, ministry of science and technology aided financially mathematical mechanization method to reach its the project such as design of the application in IT and function of structure of photoelectricity function crystal, element, small structure design and preparation process; Problem of leading edge heat and course domain across are great on the problem, complexity of the theory of medium of new-style and the construction that ministry of science and technology subsidized biomembrane and velar albumen and function, artificial electromagnetism and application, polygene the systematic biology of shape disease and contemporary design are large the project such as the general character foundation of application software. To promote the tie of basic research and national goal, china develops a plan at starting national emphasis basic research in March 1997, weigh 973 plans again. According to " it is somewhat, do not be somewhat " guiding principle, 973 plans undertook key deploy around the domain such as environment of agriculture, the sources of energy, information, resources, population and healthy, material, integrated across and important and scientific forward position. 15 first projects of project approving already were 1998 by last year problem of the finish that finish is checked and accept, among them 11 project approving be continueinged, will get persistent aiding financially. Ministry of science and technology accepted application of project of 263 973 plans in all this year, organized first declare on the net. Expert evaluation group follows rigid evaluation standard, choose through 3 rounds, decided the 2nd batch finally 31 fund a project. Of the project aid financially the forehead to spend had not decided finally. Zhang Xianen says: "This approves a purpose to carry out, perfected the project layout of 973 plans further, the decisive battle that it is solution summary sex, before basic research and problem of bottleneck of developing of society of national future economy develop look up sex main effect. " the figure that   announces according to Chinese government, 1 what national science and technology considered to develop funds to take gross domestic product last year.

32% . Long-term science and technology develops the foundation in the country program, came 2010 the 15% right-and-left general of funds of research and development of national science and technology threw 973 plans 2020. Cheng Jinpei of undersecretary of ministry of science and technology says: "In resource of science and technology finite circumstance falls, concentration actors or actress power power organizes great scientific research to plan, it is the inevitable choice that accords with Chinese national condition. CNC Milling