Muller of type of high accuracy vibration develops a success

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Association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool and bureau of Dalian city science and technology change jointly with national hair appoint, the high-level technology demonstration that ministry of science and technology organized system of high-grade numerical control and component of key of numerical control machine tool a few days ago is met. On the meeting, come from machine tool of institute of machine tool of Tsinghua, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing, Dalian, China in place of scientific research courtyard mixes the home such as numerical control the expert of machine tool industry, learned man is right Dalian light silvers coin of limited company of engineering of science and technology " bus line of total number word opens type, give height the opinion. This action makes clear, our country will develop system of high-grade numerical control. "Bus line of total number word opens type system of high-grade numerical control " it is current technology of mainstream of system of world high-grade numerical control and development trend, at present foreign brand system used bus line of total number word to transmit a technology mostly, but long-term technical camp makes this technology becomes system of our country high-grade numerical control to develop " bottleneck " . "Be based on electric machinery of external rotor moment of force revolving stage of the sheet of direct drive, double axis and double place milling head " one of crucial component that regard high-grade numerical control as the machine tool, at present our country also is 100 percent dependence is imported, as a result of this product all the time by international forestall of place of a few big companies, bring about the cycle that offer money long, price is high, because ban place of carry out policy to China,come even, often give existing money to buy the situation that be less than, because this is in country " 915 " in the program, be attached most importance to by the row tackle key problem greatly project. As a new science and technology enterprise, limited company of engineering of modern science and technology is introducing Dalian light for years, digest, on the foundation that absorbs foreign advanced technique, integrated the social natural resources of place of courtyard of domestic college, scientific research and machine tool industry, the series that successful development gave to be based on imitate data to transmit is high-grade and open system of type numerical control, put in the market in succession. Nevertheless, with abroad advanced system photograph is compared, in architecture, signal the respect such as transmission means still has the difference that comparative. , through much square argumentation, expert attending the meeting is in think this company and capability of research and development of cooperative unit technology are stronger consistently, on the foundation with feasible plan of research and development, while limited company of engineering of modern to Dalian light science and technology is developing system of our country high-grade numerical control, project approving develops the crucial function component of equipment of high-grade numerical control, form the ability of integrated form a complete set of equipment of our country high-grade numerical control, give very high opinion. Standing vice-president Yu Chengting is accepting association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool when the reporter is interviewed, say, these two projects are the task with more sensitive industry, the plan of optical modern science and technology represented the main trend that international develops not only, its spirit is more commendable. He developed the ability of these two sophisticated technologies and implementation industrialization to be full of confidence to this company. CNC Milling