Make public vertical to emphasize tall rigid characteristic bringing cropland industry the interior of 3 axes MC is tectonic

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Understand vertical to invite a client 3 axle control MC " YBM640Ver.

III(3) " tall rigid characteristic, the industry that install cropland is in what Han Nuowei of 23 days of Germany held 17 ~ in September 2007 " exhibition of European machine tool (EMO2007) " on made public its internal composition (graph 1, 2) . Spectacular of the structural respect that pays attention to rigid index " charge for the making of sth. " , its intention depends on raising the acknowledge of the product to spend. Graph the vertical with 1 exceedingly good tigidity 3 axle control MC pursue 3 of graph of photograph of 2 internal compositions " sincere square slideway " . Emphasize conduct propaganda its are used quench steel, undertake machining by skilled worker worker, realized tall tigidity thereby this one characteristic. Reveal a key to depend on " sincere square slideway " (graph 3) . Rather him a lot of machine tool manufacturers use linear guide block to differ, the industry that install cropland was used use the guide that quenchs steeliness is built. The draw together that passes skilled craftsman grinds treatment, relapse determine reach amend, assured the linearity of slideway and flatness strictly. The industry that install cropland is passed reveal rigorous workmanship, make the client understands the tall rigid characteristic of this product. The treatment object workpiece of this product is in for appearance precision the exact pattern under 5 μ M. For example: ?  archives seeks end of banter of ⒛ of to fold of > of swell Ju of branny straight O to take an examination of  to make an appointment with Jiao of  of dark person an old name for Japan to closely question which > kowtows take  of appearance of  of Gui of correct of 3 Ji Shou on the table of 400mm of × of?00 of badge of the show off other room evil spirit. Additional, still revealed to undertake be machined continuously and serving as selecting a replacement accessary workbench changes device. CNC Milling