Technology of net of couplet of numerical control machine tool applies

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Overview: Introduced the structure of system of network of couplet of numerical control machine tool and main function, elaborated the necessity that has couplet net to numerical control equipment, basis application example undertakes comparative to the change of around of net of machine tool couplet, the network management that proves numerical control machine tool is the important segment that implementation enterprise modernization runs. Keyword: Numerical control machine tool; The network is mixed as CAD/CAM unifinication technology of technology of local area network gain ground and apply, at present most enterprise weaves in development of new products plan, process and got rising apparently on the efficiency of to program of numerical control machine tool and quality, the technical management of the enterprise and manufacturing management had entered network period. And with the numerical control closely related CAD/CAM machine tool management still is in savagery, become the bottleneck that restricts enterprise modernization level of management to rise. My company is passed with Beijing thunder ladder this the collaboration that controls technical company especially, solved this problem successfully, realized the network management of machine tool of entire company numerical control, make the level of management of the enterprise got rising newly. One, the main problem before net of couplet of numerical control machine tool 1.

Program transmission respect estimates a demand to a few programs relative to less numerical control machine tool, it is to use the most primitive manual clavier to input means all the time, the malady of this kind of method is: (1) efficiency is low; (2) take up grow when machine; (3) easy make mistake. And the numerical control machine tool with larger amount of input of a few orders, use computer of a table to be put in machine tool edge to be used technically at the program to transmit. The defect of this kind of method is: (1) the environment is harsh, the computer safeguards difficulty. (2) communication software is DOS version, upgrade replacement is difficult; (3) a computer is aimed at machine tool of a numerical control, equipment resource is wasteful; (4) operation method is complex, tall to the quality requirement of handlers; (5) much person operates a computer, the management of program document is confused. Additionally we once undertook a program transmit with notebook computer, because be defeated by cable often to undertake inserting unplugging operating to passing, the serial interface of notebook computer is extremely easy by burn down. 2.

Program management field (1) to FAUNC system, its program name can use Oxxxx only; To Ximen subsystem, its program name can use %MPFxxxx only, because the natural resources of program number is limited, same a program sign is possible many more corresponding part drawing date, produce a disorder easily in application thereby. (2) to make program name and part drawing date mutual and corresponding, must person specially assigned for a task is in charge of having record government to the program, this job makes mistake multifariously, easily. Above malpractice is affecting the manufacturing efficiency of my company CNC Machining badly, accordingly urgent need searchs a kind of effective method that improves current situation of numerical control machine tool, have the government of systematization to its. 2, make a solution in the light of the problem through undertaking many sided survey, think at present my company in-house local area network had expanded certain scope, especially CAD/CAM unifinication application is already special and general, because machine tool of this numerical control takes the way of network management,be the optimal choice that solves a problem. We chose Beijing thunder ladder this the CNClink4 that controls technical company development especially.

System of network of couplet of machine tool of 0 numerical control, bilateral collaboration is all to my company one by one of numerical control equipment undertakes debugging connection, receive a local area network finally to undertake unity administrative. 1. Systematic composition (graph 1) system of network of machine tool couplet includes: (1) network server, (2) line of local area network, (3) CAD/CAM computer, (4) CNClink-4.

0 management system, (5) couplet network system advocate accuse machine, (6) long-range communication interface, (7) communication cable, (8) numerical control machine tool among them system of line of network server, local area network, CAD/CAM and numerical control machine tool are the resource that the enterprise already existed; CNClink-4.

Machine of 0 systems government is one installed couplet network the computer of industrial level PC of special software, can carry client management software installation to regard management as workstation on an any computers of the local area network; Machine of government of couplet network system is a special computer, moving UNIX operating system, its action is to accept what each industry fights to attemper, send a statement to all numerical control machine tools on the network, realize the centralized management of machine tool information; Equipment of long-range communication interface is special at advocate the much alloter stringing together a mouth that accuses the communication between machine and machine tool, its characteristic is to be able to come true remote transmit and do not have signal loss; Communication cable is common cable of 4 core screen, two end add photoelectricity isolator to disturb signal in order to avoid. 2. The main function of system of network of machine tool couplet (1) the situation that casts off manual input program and stand-alone input program thoroughly, realize Sunday run to be transmitted from traverse foreword. (2) the PC that is used at management can set any positions in the local area network, do not suffer the effect of the distance, and advocate the farthermost distance that charges machine tool of machine space numerical control allows to achieve 1500M. (3) collateral transmission program, namely advocate accuse machine is OK face my unit at the same time at present machine tool of 16 numerical control has data news report. (4) the operation is simple, need not have the aid of is other equipment or process designing member help, jockey person inputs relevant statement on the operation face plate of the machine tool, can upload or download spare parts machine program. (5) advocate accuse machine 24 hours of jobs, the numerical control machine tool that goes up to the network at any time carries out management and data news report, 3 when won't affect a machine tool fall or holiday works overtime move. (6) transmission reliability is high, know exactly about sth of special software itself occupies desired result function, won't appear commonly in transmission process so mistake, if wrong computer calls the police instantly,special situation falls. Software has the examination function that upload and downloads a file at the same time, an examination file all can be returned after every file uploads, ensure the safety of data. (7) the program can grow file name to manage in the implementation on WINDOWS platform, can realize the administrative way with file name and spare parts uniform number thereby, changed what program name manages to NC program to manacle thoroughly. (8) name of the date that the transmission log function of software of have the aid of can examine data to transmit, time, file, uploading still is the content such as download, the unit process of cargo bandling of handlers of record of in order to and make mistake information. (9) the NC program that machine tool of every numerical control all can be visited or downloads this machine tool catalog and public directory to fall. (10) to having the numerical control system of DNC function, DNC treatment can come true on the network. (11) amount of net of couplet of numerical control machine tool is unlimited. Can see from inside systematic sketch map, couplet network system advocate accuse machine it is to install what going up in company local area network, tell from the principle it is OK on the net to go up installation is many more aleatoric advocate accuse machine, and every advocate accuse machine can connection machine tool of 32 numerical control. 3, after the effect after plan is carried out realizes net of couplet of numerical control machine tool, my company transmitted a respect to have clear improvement in management of numerical control program and program. Program of the numerical control before couplet net is in primary government position basically, process designing member according to craft member the program of assignment certificate work out that offer. To shorter course, the process designing after the program is finished member imprint program singles, put in appropriative program bag to save, every machine tool is corresponding bag of a program, when handlers needs an order by process designing member be in charge of copying or be printed and send handlers to use. To longer program, criterion by process designing member oneself protect existence computer hard disk in, when need by process designing member responsible copy becomes floppy disk and give handlers is used. After net of couplet of numerical control machine tool, rely on special network to govern the function of software, all programs that had woven all are put in correspondence to fall at the catalog of every machine tool, every program weaves according to part drawing date name, won't produce the phenomenon that weigh a name, the process that handlers understands a network to go up through the instruction at any time downloads use. Contrast of couplet net around has below a few apparent change: 1. Shorten the time of transmission program, namely managing the charge when machine of expensive numerical control machine tool. 2. Accuracy is tall, part program repeats when using although be transmitted afresh,also can assure absolutely and correct. 3. Bring down of handlers labor intensity, need to inputted simple instruction to finish a program to transmit in machine tool face plate only. 4. It is easy to revise, if the program that uses first undertook modification in the spot, after uploading, can offer call next time. 5. Program management came true to unite change. 6. Responsibility is clear, once appear problem, very easy analysis gives process designing reason or handle an account. 4, use example 1. Numerical control 10 meters yuan the car basically machines low-pressure to seeming turbine rotor, already wove at present the well-rounded program of the low-pressure rotor of 3 products, order sum total measures 809, overall length spends 214K, had exceeded the capacity of machine tool memory, after network of implementation machine tool manages, process designing member these programs memory is in of couplet network system advocate accuse in machine, change when the machine tool when machining a spare parts, worker basis machines an object, download a program according to program detailed list, need not process designing member redo any auxiliary jobs. 2. Milling machine of numerical control be born basically machines shaft coupling of chamfer of root of palm of mill of cylinder, low-pressure to seeming turbine rotor leaf, rotor aperture, its characteristic is a spare parts multifarious, program sort is much, not manageable, net of machine tool couplet makes program management orderly change, went to the lavatory handlers is called at any time. Project of benefit raise big bridge is me the national emphasis that the company continues builds a project, time limit for a project is very close, among them medicinal powder all alone saddle it is curved surface spare parts, its curved surface machines arrangement to use mill of four-axle linkage means to become in this machine tool, because spare parts size is large, program amount is very large also, order sum total measures 62, overall length spends 1944K, be head and shoulders above capacity of machine tool memory. Because time limit for a project is close, ask 24 hours of ceaseless machine machine the machine tool. After using technology of net of couplet of numerical control machine tool, transmit what implemented a program at any time. And because cast the surplus of semifinished product inhomogenous, need often the basis modifies a program actually, process designing member need to be done a bit in surplus of CAD/CAM computer admiral only revise, create new program and put in the network advocate accuse on machine, handlers can download carry to go instantly, the production cycle that because system of this couplet network is,assures this country priority discipline had crucial effect. 3. Numerical control establishs a car two meters to basically machine an object is turbine shaft coupling, lie between a leaf wait for spare parts of curved surface swing tower, program sort is much, program amount is large. Once because operate error, the part program in machine tool memory was deleted entirely, because have system of network of machine tool couplet, the worker downloads the program very quickly afresh entirely from the net, did not delay production because of this. 4. CK7530 yuan car the takes 6 knives library numerical control lathe that this is a new setup, running level at first, as a result of process designing member need to one gets used to a process with handlers, because this has program of many numerical control,need to adjust. Have the aid of at system of machine tool network, very realized this conveniently before very the job of loaded down with trivial details, after waiting for total order to had been adjusted, put its on the network, can repeat later call. 5, the last word installs the CNClink4 that move in my factory at present.

System of network of couplet of machine tool of 0 numerical control is to be based on the network system that RS232 strings together buccal communication technology and builds, as the development of numerical control technology, had the numerical control system that runs on aether net to receive wide application gradually, because of the net of couplet of numerical control machine tool this henceforth systematic general and the local area network with interior company make a centralized system, its are safeguarded will become more quick and convenient with management. CNC Milling