The use method of cutting fluid reachs the metal how to differentiate

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The use method of cutting fluid has very big effect to cutting tool life and treatment quality, although best cutting fluid, if cannot carry cutting district effectively, also cannot have due effect. When choosing the cutting fluid that gives priority to with lubricating accordingly (if cutting is oily) , ought to carry it to the place that can make oily film in attrition surface. Contrary, if choose cutting fluid is given priority to with refrigeration (be like fluid of water radical cutting) , with respect to the blade ministry that ought to make cutting fluid is close to cutting tool. This kind of condition falls to want to force cutting fluid to enter cutting area with pressure law normally, thereby cutting tool, workpiece, because attrition and the quantity of heat that are out of shape place arises are taken away,cut bits. Fluid of successive application cutting is better than fluid of discontinuous application cutting, fluid of discontinuous application cutting can produce hot loop, bring about hard and fragile cutting tool material thereby (like hard alloy cutting tool) generation crackle and collapse blade. Fluid of discontinuous use cutting besides shorten outside cutting tool life, still can make working surface rough inhomogenous. Another profit that uses cutting liquid correctly is effective ground eliminates to cut bits, this also conduces to the extension of cutting tool life. If put the spray head of cutting fluid appropriately, the bits that be cut blocks a bits chamfer that can avoid milling cutter and bit up dead or discharge bits not free. To the treatment of a few great work, or the puissant cutting of big feed, grinding, use platoon or 2 many cooling fluid spray head, made can sufficient refrigeration, be helpful for improving treatment efficiency, assure to machine quality. 1, cheer a law by hand: Solid or cream shape lubricant can use lubricant of brush, brush general Tu Huo is drippy go up to cutting tool or workpiece (advocate when if attack whorl, front tooth,covering whorl) . Still develop skill to promote type feed flow recently implement, pass pulverization of pressurization general lubricant, gush arrives on cutting tool and workpiece. On the machine tool that did not deserve to measure cooling system, if bore or the measure that attack whorl are not much, using handiwork to cheer is effective method. Should want to complete two kinds of different treatment on same machine tool when, the overflow refrigeration system that can go up with the machine tool with manual oil cooperates to rise use. 2, overflow law: The method of the commonnest use cutting fluid is overflow law. Infiltrate cutting fluid with low-pressure pump in conduit, pour out of from nozzle through valve, nozzle installation is nearing cutting area. Cutting current flows to the different component of the machine tool again after cutting area too, next the assemble arrives collect is oily dish inside, again from collect oil dish regurgitate arrives in cutting fluid box, use circularly. Accordingly, the volume with cutting fluid due and enough box, make cutting fluid has time refrigeration to make cut bits finely to reach grind bead to wait sedimentation. Those who inspect treatment sort is different, the cubage of cutting fluid box is 20-200L about, individual treatment is bigger, if get deep aperture and heavy-cut grinding to wait, cutting fluid box can amount to 500-1000L or bigger. In collect oil dish a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces sets thick filter, prevent big cutting to enter cutting fluid case, contain in the oil absorption mouth of pump a careful filter. Be ground to grinding, develop and the machine tool such as boring of deep Kong Zuan, deep aperture, because the demand of workpiece surface quality of treatment is high, must purify is finer grind grain of bits, emery wheel and cutting particle, if the gun gets deep Kong Jia to be versed in, want to undertake filtering with the filter paper of 10um. Use filter equipment can avoid cutting to overmuch contaminant is contained in fluid or cross much metallic grain, conduce to the cleanness that maintains cutting fluid and the use that lengthen cutting fluid periodic. Contemporary automation machine tool sets cutting fluid to filter commonly, detached, purifying device. Can make with overflow law cutting fluid sheds cutting area continuously to be swept cut bits. The discharge of cutting fluid wants a few bigger, ability makes cutting tool and workpiece are flooded by cutting fluid place. Besides providing proper cutting juice to cutting area, even enough cutting fluid prevents abnormal temperature rise. In treatment of deep Kong Zuan, if cutting fluid box is too small, the temperature rise of cutting fluid is very sharp, when oily Wen Chao crosses 60 ℃ , cutting cannot proceed, so deep aperture drilling machine deserves to have bigger cooling gasoline tank commonly. The dosage of typical cutting fluid that recommends for manual of American machining cutting below: Turning, the discharge 19L/min of cutting fluid; Whorl cutting, the discharge 132L/min of fluid of diametical 25mm cutting, the discharge 170L/min of fluid of diametical 50mm cutting, the discharge 227L/min of fluid of diametical 75mm cutting; Milling, the discharge 19l/min of fluid of cutting of small milling cutter (cutting tool) , the discharge of fluid of cutting of big milling cutter 227 (cutting tool) L/min; Aperture of bore, bore with a reamer, the discharge of the cutting fluid of diametical 25mm 7.

6-11L/min, the discharge of the cutting cutting fluid of old bit bore 0.


43L/min (diameter / Mm) ; Deep Kong Zuan is cut, bits diameter is discharged outside 4.


The discharge of 4mm cutting fluid 7.

6-23L/min, 9.

The cutting current of 4-19mm measures 19-64L/min, the cutting current of 19-32mm measures 38-151L/min, the cutting current of 32-38mm measures 64-189L/min, bits is discharged inside model 7.


The cutting current of 4mm measures 19-30L/min, 9.

The cutting current of 4-19mm measures 30-98L/min, the cutting current of 19-30mm measures 98-250L/min, the cutting current of 30-60mm measures 250-490L/min, the requirement uses accurate mesh, kong Yu deep, diameter heals big, uses flow also heals big (to the broach in same set) ; Cover Kong Zuan to cut, bits is discharged outside model, the cutting current of diametical 51-89mm measures 30-182L/min, the cutting current of 89-152mm measures 61-303L/min, the cutting current of 152-203mm measures 121-394L/min, the cutting current that bits 60-152mm discharges inside measures 416-814L/min, the cutting current of 152-305mm measures 814-1287L/min, the cutting current of 305-475mm measures 1287-1741L/min, the cutting current of 475-610mm measures 1741-2158L/min, the requirement uses accurate mesh, in same set broach, the diameter is bigger with aperture deeper with larger flow; Develop is ground, the 11L/min of cutting fluid discharge of alveolus (every aperture) , the 19L/min of cutting fluid discharge of large hole (every aperture) , the requirement uses accurate mesh; Broaching, the 38L/mm of cutting fluid discharge of alveolus (the journey) , the cutting current of large hole is measured 0.

45L/mm (the journey) * cutting length; Inadvertently grinding, the cutting current of little work measures 76L/min, the cutting current of great work measures 151L/min, other grinding (emery wheel width / Mm) cutting current is measured 0.

75L/min, the requirement uses accurate mesh. The distributinging means of cutting current affects the efficiency of cutting fluid directly. Nozzle ought to find a place for cast in the action that makes cutting fluid won't leave mental efforts because of sufferring from the position besides cutting tool or workpiece. Had better be use 2 or many nozzle, fluid of cutting of one one or two sends cutting area, and other use at auxiliary refrigeration to mix sweep cut bits. The requirement when turning and boring sends cutting area cutting juice directly, the blade ministry that makes cutting fluid enclothes cutting tool has favorable cooling effect with workpiece. Carry out experience to prove, 3/4 what the nozzle internal diameter of cutting fluid is equivalent to lathe tool width at least. To weighing the turning of bear and boring, the fluid of cutting of underside area supply that needs to have cutting tool of edge of the 2nd nozzle. The cutting fluid that inferior nozzle furnishs need not suffer cutting to hold back send cutting tool and work smoothly between, conduce to lubricant effect has when low speed. When horizontal bore and aperture of bore with a reamer, had better be to pass the aperture inside hollow cutting tool to send cutting area cutting juice, make sure blade ministry has enough cutting fluid and cut bits to come out from Kong Zhongchong. The helix chamfer as a result of broach (cut bits for eduction) should have a cutting liquid from cutting area outside the action of eduction, accordingly even if stand auger, the cutting fluid that enters cutting area is very few also, only hollow broach ability solves this one problem. Current, our country most bore uses twist drill, of cutting fluid enter as contrary as the direction that discharge bits, so cutting fluid enters edge very hard to go up, affected the cooling and lubricant result of cutting fluid, as a result creates bit easy burn, wear away serious, durability is low. The supply method that how improves cutting fluid is the problem that deserves research. The feed that there had better be 2 nozzles to carry cutting fluid milling cutter when milling and side giving a knife, the cutting fluid that a nozzle pours out of is sent cutting area by mill tooth, the cutting fluid that another nozzle pours out of criterion cut bits to rush from inside cutting tool. The circular spray head that narrow milling cutter uses a level can, wide cutting tool should use compressed spray head, its width is the 3/4 of cutting tool width at least, ability has enclothe goodly rate. To planar milling, the annular bubbler that makes with the pipe that has a lot of alveolus is better. Can send each point cutting juice so, make complete dip is in cutting tool in cutting fluid, have even cooling effect. If often use the end panel milling cutter of some kind of specific measure, had better be the annular ejector that contains sector, the radius of the curve that its mouth is in and cutting tool is suitable. The grinding liquid of low-pressure large flow is used when grinding, can get favorable result commonly. But when flow is too large, will produce needless splash, especially the synthetic cutting fluid with offset bubble poorer performance, cause grinding fluid more easily spill over, can use installation to prevent splash board solve with the measure that adds anti-foaming agent. When grinding if use,spray commonly methodological effect is very poor, before in grinding heat diffuses to whole workpiece, barely takes away grinding fluid what quantity of heat, because rate of emery wheel surface is very high,this is, around emery wheel apparently contain an air film from beginning to end, be a hindrance to infiltrates cutting area at cutting fluid. Ought to design a kind of special nozzle, force cutting fluid to send to emery wheel through air film, this kind of nozzle ought to approach work as far as possible, because emery wheel makes cutting fluid from the action of mental efforts complete,shed lose in case. Additionally one kind of method that overcomes film of air of the generation on emery wheel is to stand by nozzle to install a fender to break empty air current with block, can be in so of emery wheel and workpiece have sex partial vacuum is formed between the face and inspiratory grinding fluid. 3, high-pressured law: To certain treatment, be gotten like deep aperture and cover Kong Zuan to cut, commonly used high pressure (pressure is 0.


79MPa) cutting fluid system offers oil. What deep Kong Zuan uses is odd blade broach, with bore hole similar, it is the access that broach interior has cutting liquid only. Covering Kong Zuan to cut is one kind gets on workpiece cylindrical aperture but the bore way that remains next sincere cylinder. When cutting tool enters work, the sincere cylinder that gets is passed hollow cylindrical knife head, send cutting tool cutting juice with force pump all round, force cut bits to be poured out of from cutting tool center. Cover Kong Zuan to cut used cutting liquid to must have good extremely pressure gender and fight agglomeration sex, viscosity ought to very low, ability is all round cutting tool free flow, still should have good oily, in order to drop cutting tool and work, cutting tool and cut the coefficient of friction between bits. If why maintain sufficient cutting fluid flow in cutting area,the main problem that deep Kong Zuan cuts is. A kind of method is the route that uses the chamfer that get bit to regard cutting as fluid, force of cutting hydraulic pressure is 0.


69MPa, flow into broach through rotational gland, enter cutting area directly next, the cutting fluid help that comes out from aperture midstream eliminates cut bits. When deep Kong Zuan is cut, using oily Kong Zuan and overflow law photograph to compare is a great progress, broach life and productivity have relatively substantially rise. High-pressured law is helpful for cutting fluid reaching cutting area, also use on other machine tool sometimes. Grinding makes high-pressured nozzle is helpful for emery wheel clean. 4, sparge law: Cutting fluid can use the formal spray that enrages mist carrying oil to cutting tool and workpiece. Cutting fluid classics a small spray head, use pressure is 0.


The compression of 552MPa fluid of air general cutting enters cutting area into very small droplet spurt dispersedly. Below this kind of circumstance, use liquid of water radical cutting betterer than using liquid of oil radical cutting, because the oily mist of fluid of oil radical cutting pollutes an environment, insanitary, and easily compositive older oil drips. Sparge law most agree with cutting rate is high and cutting area is small (like Duan Xi) treatment. Choose the cutting fluid with cool good performance, petty droplet and hot cutting tool, workpiece or the contact that cut bits, can evaporate quickly to walk along tropics. Sparge refrigeration does not need to use prevent splash board, collect is oily dish and answer vitta, use only very small globose, and workpiece is dry, although have oily liquid,wipe easily also. Be like next advantages with sparge law: 1) cutting tool life is longer than doing cutting; 2) be in do not have or when system of unfavorable use overflow, can provide cooling function with it; 3) the place that cutting fluid can reach other method to cannot be close to; 4) between workpiece and cutting tool, the law of overflow of prep above of velocity of flow of cutting fluid, cooling efficiency presses the cutting fluid computation that is the same as bulk, make than overflow law tower above multiple; 5) cost can be reduced below certain condition; 6) can see by the workpiece of cutting. The defect of sparge law is cooling power finite, and return need ventilated. Sparge device has 3 kinds of kind: 1) attract type, its principle and family expenses atomizer are same, basically use fine waist to be in charge of a principle, compress air to suck derivative fluid canister and mix cutting juice pulverization in air current. It has to open the valve that compresses airy canal and fluid of another siphon cutting, paralell connection is received go up at mixing contact, it agrees with the sparge of oil of low viscosity cutting and emulsion. 2) baric type (pressurization law) , its principle is cutting fluid outfit within sealed fluid canister, with 0.


The compression of 4MPa air pressurization, when electromagnetism a powerful person is opened, cutting fluid by extrude, through mixing a powerful person and compress air air current to mix pulverization. This kind of device agrees with the sparge of fluid of water radical synthesis and emulsion, the solid matter of adipose oil or in suspension must not be contained in Dan Shuirong fluid and emulsion. Pulverization mixture ratio can be adjusted by mixture a powerful person and pressure regulator valve. 3) eject type, its principle is to use gear pump cutting fluid pressurization, through mixing a powerful person direct eject at compressing air make in air current its pulverization. This kind of device applies to will transparent cooling water and oily pulverization of low viscosity cutting. Machine tool of treatment of Yu Duanxi of gush pulverization applicable, turning, automatic machine tool, numerical control is machined. Contain device of sparge of pilot of electromagnetism a powerful person to apply to aperture of whorl, bore with a reamer is attacked on numerical control machine tool. 5, refrigeration liquid drops in temperature law: Refrigeration liquid drops in temperature the law is a lot of more phyletic, wait for gas like nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide all compressible in putting Yu Gang bottle into the liquid, fluorine holds gas high to be able to compress a liquid with machine, when using, give off, through control valve, inject directly by nozzle at cutting area, rely on aerification absorption of heat to cool cutting tool, workpiece and cut bits. Effect of refrigeration of this kind of method is first-rate, the cutting that applies to the difficult treatment material such as alloy steel of stainless steel, refractory steel, high strenth is machined, can raise cutting tool durability greatly. 6, the concentration of cutting fluid furnishs system: To plant of big, medium-sized machining, below probable condition, ought to consider to use concentration circulatory system supplies cutting fluid for much stage machine tool, but must every the machine tool is to use same kind of cutting fluid. A few grinder can use those who bind together to carry systematic processing to worry bit. Center processing to be mixed to worry bit by the fine-cut bits with cutting fluid wet embellish, can reduce manpower processing, improve labor condition. Cutting fluid centers supply system to be able to make the factory safeguards cutting fluid better. Cutting fluid is centered in a big pool, pass fixed spot check, according to the examination the result complements regularly former fluid or water, the chroma of fluid of facilitating control cutting. Can reduce the number of spot check, have the examination of more project thereby, make sure cutting fluid is in the quality of operating period. Photograph of juice supply system compares a lot of alone much cutting with apart setting, as a result of the maintenance of cutting fluid the job decreases, cost also is reduced relatively. Centering the good point with supply the mainest system is the method that can adopt centrifugal processing, but the float oil in fluid of effective purify cutting and metallic grain, at the same time also take out the bacterium of the half in cutting fluid (because the bacterium is in very easily of cutting fluid float grow on the interface between oil and metallic grain) . Successive purify these dirty content, regular inspection quality checks a result according to these, designedly uses additive or add former juice, this is to make center a system to lengthen cutting fluid effectively the main factor of service life. Also reduced the waste liquid processing of water-solubility cutting fluid so. Metallic treatment expert teachs you how to differentiate cutting fluid stand or fall: Take a few emulsification oil to use 10~30 of add of mineral water bottle times water, rock hind quiet place a little while: 1.

Superstratum does not have float oily dross. 2.

Do not have on bottle wall hang a wall not to have other people of the account that suckle broken bits. 3.

Former fluid and diluent are not had after quiet place is longer statified (former fluid is statified it is more alkaline be caused by is strengthened to raise alkaline cost after using emulsifying agent less, diluent is statified it is emulsifying agent more lopsided be caused by) . 4.

Former fluid does not have excitant odour (formaldehyde, phenol and ammoniac flavour) , be in pervious to light place observation is even liquid of transparent or small chaotic. 5.

Feel is not calorific have lubricity and Yi Xi is dropped, diluent daub is not had at place of much pore of the back of hand and arm scratchy and aglow or have appearance of red a knot in one's heart 5.

The appearance of usable and simple refraction with better condition determines chroma (the price is very low) . 6.

Can use the antirust property that increases workpiece to compare a product, on white paper of the park after immersing to machine a bits with diluent namely again, maintain humidity with button of boiled water bowl, better rusty spot is not had on paper of 23 days of words spoken by an actor from offstage commonly. CNC Milling