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Cut (grind) cut fluid relevant technology change quickly, article assemble have distinguishing feature a few times each cut (grind) the product that cut fluid and its application introduction, combinative experiment research and use the effect actually, clarify the development trend of the technology of this one domain and product. Foss company about oil of machine tool slideway and water base the experiment slideway lubricant of cutting fluid compatibility is used extensively at the machine tool to machine, people in use already was used to evaluating slideway oil and cutting fluid alone to be behaved mediumly in respective system. And it is to be in at least actually at present, this is both and essential cannot part completely, because most slideway system uses the means of total loss bad news to undertake lubricating, slideway oil will enter cutting fluid; In the meantime, even if the machine tool with good design, cutting fluid avoids completely very hard also to enter slideway surface, if pass the steam mist that high-pressured eject produces, splattering droplet or other way. This is meant, if both compatibility not beautiful, can bring about face of such as slideway to appear spot or corrode, slideway moves not free, electric energy is used up increase, wear away aggravate; Truthless, processability can reduce cutting fluid concentration, odour becomes heavy, anticorrosion function is reduced, stability reduces those who wait for a problem to appear. For this, the company is opposite Foss oil of slideway of its RENEP series and fluid of ECOCOOL series cutting (the type includes emulsification / half synthesis / complete synthesis) undertook a large number of experiments and spot dog, research shows the look look between slideway oil and treatment cooling fluid and clash as a result, show this is both the relation between will be in how old slideway of machine tool of the influence on degree. The slideway oil that this studies to also make RENEP series at the same time is obtained on the machine tool that can using liquid of water radical cutting more actor expression. Graph 1: Slideway lubricant is used extensively at the machine tool to machine the practice according to Fu Sifang face and analysis, in the element of numerous interact, slideway oil is aimed at cutting fluid fight emulsibility, the change that cutting fluid affects value of next chroma, PH, electrical conductivity and sulfide content in slideway oil makes main field. Introduce a test below, its can be used at examining the consistence between slideway oil and treatment cooling fluid. First the slideway oil of 80% and the cutting fluid of 20% (the chroma that normally sample chroma machines with Yu Xi to recommend, it is about between 3-5% ) mix adequately below certain condition, observe this mixture sets the 1 hour, condition of 1 day, 1 week hind. When evaluating consistence, take hour and 1 result of 1 day, use ND respectively, 1H, ND, 24H expresses, judge standard is as follows:   of 1 minute of complete depart departs almost completely 2 minutes, oily get along with of 3 minutes of slideway mixes the mixture photograph   that has very few amount, without   of cutting fluid photograph mixture photograph of oily get along with of oily photograph of 4 minutes of slideway, cutting fluid photograph, mixture photograph, slideway parts > 30 Vol.

%   mixes photograph of fluid of cutting of get along with 5 minutes, do not have   of slideway oily photograph 6 minutes not statified, it is to mix to mix slideway oil and cutting juice with each scale of 50% again entirely, the cutting fluid photograph after extraction mixes 24 hours (draw mixture look without cutting fluid photograph) , represent the difference that its numerical value and fresh cutting fluid are worth accordingly with NV, judge standard is as follows:   of factor project     of   of   of 0 minutes of     of   of   of   of 1 minute of   0%   of ≤ of NV of   of   of   of   of 2 minutes of chroma 10% machining center are undertaking     when wet cutting, cutting fluid dosage often is as high as 20~100L/min. MQL technology should be used only proper, the cutting tool after treatment, workpiece and cutting bits is dry, this avoided the processing of later period, after the clean and clean classics that cut bits is compressed, still can reclaim use, do not pollute an environment completely, friend says again do type cutting to allow. Current, the treatment object of lubricant technology basically uses minim cutting at be on cast-iron, steel and aluminium alloy to undertake curiuming cutting, mill face and the CNC Machining of all sorts of accurate industries. American ACCU-LUBE company can be offerred apply at of all kinds metal treatment uses plant cutting oil and the drop that do type cutting to use definitely lubricant system. Graph 4: Mill is machined in last few years, germany is lubricant to minim cutting year of demand of device is annual be in 15, 000 fluctuate, and field of this one still will expand further. Visible, minim cutting lubricates to be used with the union of new-style cutting tool in the ascendant. Predict to be in future inside 3 years two, the technology that the machining center lieutenant general that Germany creates has 5% meetings to use minim cutting to lubricate to be united in wedlock with photograph of lubricity coating cutting tool, erode in order to replace style is cool. Elegant be an official of Japan amounts to a company to already will lubricate the system is compositive in main shaft, its discharge is controlled by CNC process, this unit is in 6.

Can get inside the time of 5s cut 10 diameters 8mm, center to be apart from the aperture that is 20mm, use a cup of lubricating oil hourly, and be evaporated for the most part, the cutting juice content in cutting bits is reduced significantly, also saved relevant processing cost considerably thereby. In a lot of metal treatment, lubricant is medium additive, microbial with other component pulverization hind as much likelihood by handlers inside inspiratory body, endanger respiratory system, digestion thereby, cause cancer possibly even. In addition, oily mist still can form a bur in workshop upside, bring a trouble to daily attention. Accordingly, the air oily mist that to different treatment methodological place causes is atomic chroma develops research, very necessary. Look from environmental protection angle, traditional and pouring chroma of oily mist particle is different in the air that lubricant place creates law and minim cutting. American Cicinati university and Techsolve.

Inc company develops research jointly, the chroma of particle of air oily mist that to minim cutting lubricates and eroding type cutting leaves generation has comparative test, mix with 11ml/min respectively on machining center of Tongil TNV-80CNC vertical 6.

The dosage of 5l/min is right AISI/SAE 4340 steel undertook getting cutting mixing milling. The result makes clear, fall in inferior cutting speed and metallic excision rate, in getting the air that lubricant law creates cutting of the minim when cutting, oily mist particle is generated rate (the atomic quantity of minutely generation) it is traditional and pouring the 340~3300 of the law times; Its 100~140 is when milling times. Below higher rate and metallic excision rate, this specific value will be greater. Minim cutting is lubricant can decrease considerably " cutting tool - workpiece " and " cutting tool - cut bits " the attrition between, restrain temperature rise, reduce cutting tool to wear away, prevent adhesion and improve workpiece to machine quality, improving work efficiency while the pollution that reduced pair of environments again. And, the photograph is more pouring than the tradition cutting means, minim cutting lubricates to still can reduce the dosage of cutting fluid apparently, avoided the processing of waste liquid, reduced finished cost (include cutting juice buy fare, store charge and fee of waste liquid processing) , and can obtain below certain condition equal better even treatment performance. The grinding oily DIAGRIND 535/15 that 〔 Shanghai still offers Ou Hai company of oily Germany of grinding of DIAGRIND 535/15 of draft 〕 Ou Hai into limited company, used on raw material compare advanced synthesis base oil at present: Hydrogenation splitting decomposition is oily. With normally mineral oil kind product photograph is compared, this base oil does not contain any not saturated hydrocarbon and balmy hydrocarbon compound, these material make a product very flabby not only calm and easy ageing, what still can endanger relevant personnel is healthy. In the meantime, DIAGRIND 535/15 contains the additive of 25~30% , include to be able to bear or endure among them extremely pressure lubricant and additive, improved agent, fight grind additive, antioxidant and fight 30 kinds of raw material such as vaporization agent, all-around ensured the processability of the product can be mixed service life. From service life this angle looks, mineral oil kind the life of the product makes an appointment with 1 year, DIAGRIND 535 need not change inside below normal use circumstance 3 years, need to be added normally only. After 3 years, europe sea respect will offer free product every year to detect, use in order to decide whether the product can continue. According to the experience of company of German Europe sea, the real service life of this product (experience is worth) it is 5 years about. Measure a respect as to loss, compare mineral oil kind the product, DIAGRIND 535 has lower viscosity below the flash point of close (viscosity is mineral oil only kind product in part) . Its are machining reason the amount that oil of the grinding in the process is taken away by workpiece very few, relatively mineral oil kind the loss of the product measures a bring down make an appointment with 20~30% . Be worth what carry is, because oil of hydrogenation splitting decomposition has quite tall purity and stability, make the viscosity of DIAGRIND 535 not easy the influence that is fluctuated by temperature, this ensured treatment process can be below a very stable condition undertake, ensure product quality is consistent. And, the purity of oil of splitting decomposition of profit from hydrogen sulfide and stability, grinding oil won't corrode the exterior coating inside the machine tool, plastic conduit, balata with weather strip. Although be on the price, DIAGRIND 535/15 tower above is general mineral oil kind the product makes an appointment with one times, but in view of its lower wastage (reduce 20~30% ) with longer service life (delay to 2~3 times) , synthesis of its put together compares mineral oil originally kind the product is low piece make an appointment with 30~50% (not plan the loss that enters treatment efficiency, emery wheel, and the charge that change and processes oil to taste) , show relatively the sexual price of actor is compared. CNC Milling