The difference of law of atomic emissive spectrum and law of spectrum of phosphorescence of atomic and fluorescent, element fluorescence, element

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Atom blasts off is to use high temperature to wait to produce gaseous atom and arouse them, collect the light that measures the place when returning ground state to give out, the characteristic of atomic emissive spectrum is complex, an atom may have a lot of spectral line, but qualitative, also but mensurable. Atom is fluorescent, can divide it is two kinds, one kind is X-ray fluorescence, it is the excitation to lining electron, bring about outer the electron is inward layer transition, the fluorescence of generation. Another kind is to use specific illuminant to arouse outer electron, measure fluorescence. The characteristic is spectral line simple, because have one only,be planted or a few kinds of likely transition pattern, and check goes out be restricted to be met commonly than blasting off a few lower. Molecular fluorescence, similar atom is fluorescent, be those who use specific wavelengh is ultraviolet the electron in may seeing light invokes an element, measure the fluorescence that when the element returns ground state, gives out. The characteristic is special delicacy, but, suitable scope is little, element must high conjugate, and not apt happening Vibration with energy of heat energy loss. Molecular phosphorescence and fluorescent distinction depend on, after be being aroused, the electron can achieve the status of spin parallel through a few transition, and fluorescence is spin is not parallel. Accordingly the happening of phosphorescence wants than fluorescence a few slower, because of the kinetic reason of electronic transition, say popularly, the electron of phosphorescence must turn over a body ability to return ground state. CNC Milling