Milling machine achieves the craft secret of success of compound treatment

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In global competition increasingly intense environment falls, people is mixed from efficient, high yield the angle of tall flexibility, raised taller and taller requirement to producing a system. Compete to ensure advantage, must want to make equipment caters to the requirement that machines the task on the oldest rate, among them a kind of way is a variety of craft compositive. Article introduction is on machining center of a milling the latent capacity that compositive place develops the function that the small lot in be aimed at machines. This kind of machining center can expand laser beam welding receives the function such as technology, sclerotic processing and cutting treatment or change structure. Of this kind of craft apply the titanium alloy that can make alone tool steel irrigates casting tool and high demand or Cr-Co (chromic - cobaltic) the small lot of embedded spare parts machines steel qualitative medicine. The local treatment of laser technology craft and workpiece is passed compositive the robot on the machine tool will come true. From this can equipment of machinery of have the aid of, whole compound treatment process comes true in installing clip process. It is a foundation in order to contain the milling machine of shuttle table compound machine tool is a foundation with the milling machining center of type of shuttle table structure, furnish has two to rotate arm of machinery of a workbench, 6 axes and unit of two laser beam machining (by a kind of activity in series efficient solder and illuminant of illuminant and laser of a kind of pulse offers the laser of sclerotic processing can) . Because solder with hard processing of temper by dipping in water need not the high accuracy of the machine tool, because this is OK compositive on equipment the 6 axes mechanical arm of an economic space, can improve integral facility so use efficiency. Compound model the milling machine that the base that produces a system is structure of movable type workbench, this kind of system is additional set robot of a two circumgyrate workbench, 6 axes and two laser beam machining the interface between unit treatment unit and catenary of the sources of energy is not detachable cent, because this is whole of medium carry must pass constant the tube that is set on treatment unit undertakes. Tube also is used at be opposite to be uninstalled fiber-opticly at the same time. Besides optical fiber, belong to what medium carries a system to still two lead introduce water supply of system, cooling water, craft to use tracheal road and signal cable. The arm coming back that tube carries machine tool upper part and treatment unit undertake perpendicular join is mixed guide. Guide the arm is in charge of assuring the tube perpendicular trend inside work area on one hand, ensure on the other hand fiber-optic convey with electrical wiring specific trend of the system. Guide the mechanical interaction between structural frame of arm, equipment and robot can pass a structure to dynamic adjustment and be achieved the smallest. Sliding door setting is in coping more operate easily in the light of laser temper by dipping in water hard processing, solder and cutting technology, the laser that equipment used high quality bundle -- 2.

4kW fiber laser. The combination of these technologies, although hold the dominant position on technological process, but also the potential risk that under cover menace operates personnel. One kind accords with the technical current situation, laser that contains probe surveillance function to protected a cover to ensure those who operate personnel is safe (graph 1) . The front of equipment is the protective work area of the robot, because this need not have other preventive measure again. The push-pull activity door that overspreads ceiling through laser segregation, can enter work area conveniently, with realizing overhead traveling crane lade exercise. Through using efficient fiber laser, can be in system of deflexion of combinative beam of light (laser scanner) on the foundation, first craft of a variety of laser beam machining compositive arrive modular, in the treatment unit that can change. Graph the protective work area that front of 1 machine tool has to be used for the robot. The security that handles personnel sets sensor to monitor functional laser protects a cover to try to make sure complex plan guides with beam of light and focusing of beam of light is a foundation through, use system of scanning of a kind of 2D (graph 2) . Use contain get together the system of deflexion of beam of light of telescope of late a straight angle is shooting area of scanning of beam of light to be close to be realized by the surface of treatment workpiece flexible treatment. In the work that needs treatment apparently the beam of light that reachs approximate orthogonality is obliquitous. To this, can use fluctuant inside limits of transmission of beam of light intensity purposefully to distributing, in order to realize different treatment technology and size range of pipe bent. Graph 2 compound machining center use system of scanning of a kind of 2D, this kind of system can direct to laser and focusing undertakes controlling, through be being handled to stimulating the disperse of beam of light, the focal strength that can realize laser to solder to quench with laser the treatment diverge laser such as processing is used at quenching processing is more than 1MW/mm2 is located in the upper part of material cutting axis, be used at local evaporate. Carry this kind of kind, the odd pulse bore under 100 μ M can come true inside the limits of millisecond. On the direction of forward transmission, intensity peak value is reduced gradually, the laser hairdo on treatment face gives birth to disperse, from this the focus of workpiece surface can become bigger. Inside the work area of disperse of this beam of light, can realize laser beam welding to receive with good treatment of laser temper by dipping in water. In successive laser beam machining (Cw mode) with power density <1kW/mm2 when, major quantity of heat enters work in, these quantity of heat can be used at be aimed at brim area phasic hard processing of side temper by dipping in water, below this kind of circumstance, the sclerotic degree of workpiece surface but local and elevatory (martensite is sclerotic) . When laser beam welding is received, can use this kind of quantity of heat to undertake fusing to the auxiliary wire of oriented focus, form the metallic layer that is linked together with metallographic of mother capable person through bath. On the part with load large degree, this metal layer becomes wear-resisting covering layer, or in control the metal is generated (CMB) use at component structure below the circumstance update. Use 2D scanning system, can make adjustable track width and agile treatment orbit achieve in using an occasion in these two kinds. When hard processing of temper by dipping in water, those who use laser of hundreds of hertz and 20mm less than is adjustable width undertakes scanning to the focus, undertake focusing to the spare parts at the same time through the robot, can generate treatment contrail from this. In the opposite campaign process of robot and workpiece, can match with track width photograph through set scanning amplitude, can make hard rough sketch of agile temper by dipping in water from this. Besides can realize quick treatment besides orbit, pass the scanning of pair of focuses on workpiece, can ensure even temperature distributings, this has decisive effect to the result of technological process. When undertaking soldering, laser focus scanning can use the specific temperature that affects bath surface to distributing, from this OK and local adjustment exterior stress, the width of coating contrail is adjusted inside certain limits. Jiao Ban decides what coating width is aimed at systematic technology to carry out, compositive in the laser robot unit with complex modular formula the perpendicular allocation that what contain 2D scanning system (scattering direction) system sending silk (graph 3) , catenary of the sources of energy shows perpendicular connection. Solder and eliminate silk between cutting flow to guide function, and open or the silk that shut flow limits inside and outside guide the mouth. Guide through silk the corresponding circumgyrate energy of the mouth, can achieve flow to be changed automatically, reduce the undesirable traced profile when laser sclerosis processing and laser cutting. Graph unit of laser beam machining of 3 robots capture leads this unit, heater carries system and 2D scanning system and unit of this laser beam machining to join besides, to specific design construction is achieved after cutting, what compound treatment unit used system of deflexion of efficient beam of light of 3D of a kind of union is medium the device of short pulse laser of small-power. The structure of specific pulse work that can build power of pulse peak value to be less than 1GW/mm2 from this (Pw model) . The disperse structure inside limits of 20 μ M cannot come true through the robot, also ask the machine tool achieves certain precision at the same time. Accordingly, the structure changes the interface that the system passes main shaft blade holder, be changed to go up to the machine tool with modular means. A when use compound device successfully main factor is design tool, it can make use tradition in the user when equipment finishs more complex craft catenary, offer first-rate to support (graph 4) . Undertake machining designing on compound machining center when, no matter be to be aimed at milling treatment, still be the laser beam machining on CAM system, want to undertake orbit is designed. Here should undertake expanding to commercialized CAM system, join corresponding module, in order to show laser work flow. The orbit design foundation of laser technology is the treatment strategy of 5 axes and limits of 6 axes milling. Generates contrail has flow parameter, with undertaking controlling to laser power. Across undertakes design the job, the system is on the foundation of obtains flow acknowledge, make all sorts of proposals for the user. In the data that address memory generates from place, it is device control character already (NC) , also control for the robot (RC) create the program that can run automatically. Stem from the reason of safe respect, before carry out, each block should pass an imitate model to have desired result on equipment. Here uses virtual control, accurate imitate dominates time actually. Union introduces a dynamic model, can identify an all sorts of interference cases beforehand. Graph the 4 compositive form that process in the light of laser beam machining and milling design catenary, to compound model it is indispensable the success of technical program, be aimed at milling treatment and laser beam machining, orbit design undertakes on CAM system the system is mixed is in developing this kind of sophisticated device use fee when inferior standard component, the problem of the linkage that facing a main challenge is synchronous sex and the each control component that correspond each other with industrial standard Profibus (graph 5) . Graph 5 compound machining center use the standard type part with inferior charge, what it faces a serious challenge is the synchronous sex problem that controls element, compound to this Profibus that this center used industrial standard type machining center raises country of competition ability high pay to want to maintain the ability that its compete in the whole world, a fundamental condition wants the good economy that spare parts of the small lot in implementation machines namely. Compound machining center is compositive system of modern equipment, laser and modern technological process and control technology, these treatment that are implementation economy and flexibility offerred decisive condition. Study foundation by Germany (DFG) of assistance " high pay country is compositive type manufactures a technology " inside the frame of key task, people is right afore-mentioned each respects undertook study, the small lot in putting forward to be opposite machines the main demand of the equipment system of complex product; Also be with afore-mentioned equipment system at the same time exemple, to the correlation in the system and Germany institute of state of this high pay used the manufacturing catenary with new stronger competition ability to undertake exploration. CNC Milling