Extrahigh voltage water the application of fluidics

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2002, american FLOW company extrahigh voltage water fluidics belt entered a revolutionary phase, released most the equipment of efflux of extrahigh voltage water that high pressure can amount to 87000psi, improving manufacturing efficiency greatly while, use cost also than drop before 40% . As to water fluidics is ceaseless research and development, promotion, application, its develop and use foreground to will be not had but set limit to. Water fluidics applies at papermaking course of study, rubber industry in the applied water cut of cut respect, and add arenaceous water manufacturing industry of industry of industry of lumber of Yu Shi of knife criterion applicable, ceramics, aerospace, automobile, metal processes trade. Be worth the automobile manufacturing industry that promotes especially, as in last few years the swift and violent development of Chinese car line of business, domestic and international the amplification of production value of each old car manufacturer, of the model update ceaselessly, production shortens periodicly, the car interior trim to form a complete set (wait like car carpet, dashboard, top) for manufacturer, inchoate handiwork machines car interior trim the method that cuts edge and stiletto, as a result of efficiency strength of difference of precision of low, product, labor is great, already cannot satisfy the requirement that current car line of business grows apparently. Right now, the water efflux equipment with what robot photograph is united in wedlock shows itself. High-pressured conduit with gyroidal circle on robot arm, use robot arm and artifice to be able to make the nozzle of water cut head fast along linear or curve moves, achieve 3 dimension to machine interior trim purpose. Water the applied water that fluidics cleans a respect in industry fluidics applicable is cleaned at room of spray paint of car line of business, canal of heat exchanger inside and outside cleans petrifaction industry, the balata of airstrip is cleaned, engine of finishing of project of rubiginous corrosion protection, spaceflight industry is divided on industry. In last few years, abroad already had a company to adopt extrahigh voltage technique, its application kills poison to achieve the goal that food lasts at food, infiltrate food lasts successfully industry (like the United States well-known HEMELL company already used extrahigh voltage equipment to undertake food lasts) , gained good public praise. The traditional cut photograph such as cut of water efflux cut and laser, plasma, line is compared, have following advantages: Cut quality is superior: Water efflux is means of a kind of cold working, "Water knife " do not wear away and radius is very small, can machine the roundlet arc that has acute cincture outline. Treatment itself arises without quantity of heat and treatment force is small, treatment surface won't appear hot influence area, natural cut is in the constituent structure of material not to produce change, put in mechanical stress and meet an emergency scarcely, cut aperture (pure water cut is about 0.

1mm comes 1, 1mm, cut of arenaceous water mixed flow is about 0.

8mm comes 1.

8mm. As the diametical enlarge mouth of arenaceous knife, its cut is bigger also) reach cut bevel edge is very small (the cut that has seen for the most part tastes odd skew edge for 0.

076mm comes 0.

Between 102mm) , need not fabricating, without the interstitial, edge that do not have wool, without dross, cut quality is accordingly good. Have the restriction of material and ply hardly: No matter be a metal kind wait like common armor plate, stainless steel, copper, titanium, aluminium alloy, or it is metalloid kind of material that be like stone, pottery and porcelain, glass, balata, paper and composite material, all applicably. Managing cost: Generation of water cut place is transverse reach fore-and-aft active force minimum, won't produce fuel factor or be out of shape or subtle break, do not need fabricating, already but cut of bore Yi Ke, reduced cut time to reach production cost. Free from contamination of clean environmental protection: Do not produce arc, dirt and toxic gas in cut process, operation environment is neat, accord with environmental protection requirement. CNC Milling