Lathe tool of pellet of form of hinge type cup

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Head of cup form knife 2.

Bearing pin 3.

Articulatory 4.

Arbor pursues lathe tool of pellet of form of cup of 1 hinge type pursues lathe tool of pellet of form of cup of type of hinge of diameter of tool bore of 2 cups of form, if the graph is shown 1 times, basically use turning to carry the ball of the handle. Its characteristic: Head of cup form knife uses double hinge and arbor connection, can the position of self-correcting circle blade and work center, avoided to install knife discretion to machine the influence of the circularity of the ball to place; Knife head uses cylinder to cover type, can eliminate the vibration in cutting process; The either of pellet is sectional it is round, so the cup form knife of a certain measure, can turning is certain the ball of limits, its dimension precision can use feed control; The structure is simple, operation and blade are ground convenient, efficiency is very tall, turning ball of a handle, need only (1 ~ 2)min. When using, it is good to press ball diameter car with lathe tool first outside round, leave a few surplus, again of Che Chengqiu roughly after appearance, can use knife of form of hinge type cup, undertake turning to ball base, to the size that reachs a requirement. Choose D of knife head aperture, the ball diameter D of the common treatment that compare place is small (0.

5 ~ 1.

5)mm, also can press type is calculated, see the graph is shown 2 times. In D={(d1)2+[d+(d2+d2)½]2}½22 type: D -- diameter of the aperture inside cup form knife (Mm) ; D -- pellet diameter (Mm) ; D1 -- petiole diameter (Mm) . This knife is in cutting process, the horn before the job is negative worth, basically use treatment brittleness data, copper of bakelite of the cloth that be like clip, cast-iron, casting, bakelite, nylon, plastic wait. Because knife head material is high-speed steel, cutting speed, the workpiece data of the treatment that press place will choose. If use car steel ball, answer to reduce workpiece mental allowance as far as possible, introduce car of low speed essence, its cutting speed is Vc=5m/min, the cutting fluid with pouring and lubricant good performance. If need to machine whole ball, can machine the ball that takes a power first, installation turns around after cutting off, good petiole of the car that receive a knife is spherical can. CNC Milling