Course of study of our country machine tool crosses a state and buy lift " upsurge "

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In recent years, course of study of our country machine tool lifted to cross a country to be bought " upsurge " . Current, enterprise of our country machine tool already was bought early or late include the Three Kingdoms of beautiful, heart, day inside enterprise of 7 worlds famous machine tool. In addition, still ten enterprises are in a few big companies of foreign to undertake negotiating, predict to return meeting know exactly about sth this year industry tack is made an appointment with. Be aimed at this " upsurge " , standing vice-president Yu Chengting reminds association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool concerned enterprise, cross a state and buy important to developing course of study of our country machine tool to have import, but if preparative inadequacy is caused probably,cross a state and buy " sequela " . In the machine tool company that take the lead in undertaking crossing a state and buys, group of Dalian machine tool is undoubted be the first to be affected. This group was mixed in October 2002 respectively wholy-owned in July 2003 the Ingersoll that bought the United States produces systematic limited company and crankshaft of Er of flower case all alone to create systematic limited company, bought Germany successfully again in September 2004 Cimoman limited company the share of 70% . As our country main numerical control machine tool creates base, group of Shenyang machine tool on October 29, 2004 wholy-owned buy Germany to hope to consider a company, and infuse circulating fund. Limited company of machine tool of Shanghai bright essence also was mixed in October 2003 bought Germany early or late in October 2004 Wolunbeige and Japanese Chi Bei company, hold respectively among them 53.

6% with the share of 65% . Machinery of plain of the Qin Dynasty developed Inc. to bought company of industry of associated United States in June 2004, accuse 60% . Yu Chengting says, a when buy the operation these important characteristics are, domestic company is used at present North America, Western Europe and Japanese machine tool make cost house do not fall high, the good luck such as management depression of machine tool manufacturer, seize abrupt opportunity (if go bankrupt, auction, recombine etc) , the company that although these are bought,quick action with one action buys a success is managed at present go up and stagnant, but their technology, brand in the world famous degree, and sale network, can think Chinese company place is used. After these enterprises are bought, some already became the main thoroughfare of source of foreign capital of home of domestic company conformity, build sale, talent to groom, the internationalization platform of technical development system, if Ingersoll produces systematic limited company,having important sense to the development of course of study of our country machine tool is the manufacturer of world-renowned machine tool that having 110 old histories, its are special the main product level such as machine tool and unit of compositive production system, high speed machining center and coordinate ranks world front row, very tall reputation is enjoyed in global each district. Only then the crankshaft of Er of flower case all alone that was built 1970 creates systematic limited company, it is one of manufacturer of 6 equipment of axis of yeast for making hard liquor. And one of banner manufacturer that Cimoman is large planer-type milling machine, the client basically has Ford, general, masses, Feng Tian, Boeing to wait. Company of industry of associated United States has 80 years of histories, its broaching craft, broach, broach is ground, broaching machine " 4 pull close " the technology is alive bound broaching kind machine tool industry is on front row, main client also pervades Ford, general wait for the world 500 strong. But to course of study of domestic machine tool in other " itch to try " successor, say at admonishing into the court of a feudal ruler, enterprise cannot for " go " and " go " , must have made sufficient preparation, want among them special after prevent to cross a state and be being bought " sequela " . He says, because cross a state from what had happened,buy in light of the case, not be all enterprises progress is very great, some business development and imagine beforehand have not little difference. "Our some enterprise does not understand management environment of abroad very, after bring about and be being bought, make these are bought enterprise ' bring the dying back to life ' difficulty is very great. It is protective place obtain employment for example, abroad is very strict to the regulation of repulsive worker, this and home have very big different. Our some enterprise does not understand this very, the problem is encountered after be being bought very passive, manage rise more laborious. "   of       " after execute and be being bought, to be being bought the enterprise returns the problem that has a follow-up investment. From look at present, these are bought the technology of the enterprise is told on the whole still is international is banner, but if do not have further development,investment will lag behind very quickly. Need the talent's investment on one hand, in needing to deploy square oneself personnel participates in research and development, with achieving the goal home of transplanting of foreign advanced technique further; Need the investment of capital on the other hand, the fund that should have form a complete set catchs up with Yu Chengting points out, industry of domestic machine tool is on talent reserve still have bigger difference with the requirement after cross a state and be being bought, already the talented person that perfectness and professional knowledge can use a foreign language adroitly to undertake international cooperates again shorts apparently. In the meantime, as a result of characteristic of oneself of machine tool course of study, and industry of our country machine tool grows still immature, ability of whole industry profit is weaker, and be bought just manage difficulty basically again, implementation gain still needs time. Because this is on follow-up investment, no matter be talent investment or capital investment, put in certain difficulty. He expresses, do not have quite economy, technology and the domestic company that run actual strength, still unfavorable involve cross a state and buy an activity. "And the company that buys to been finish, what the country ought to give policy to go up is proper tilt to support with the talent, with come true and purchasing the benign development after. "       " for instance, the project that supports an enterprise to use national debt to undertake ability changes to the country undertakes checkup, every must buy product of foreign machine tool, below coequal condition preferential the product that buy home and buys a company; Home buys abroad to be bought in the product of the enterprise, be made by abroad or the product that abroad makes one part, home do the means such as one part to produce, custom duty of derate of true advancing opening and value added tax and execute exit drawback, or it is to adopt the method that is used to user allowance, the market that enlarges these enterprises. The market that enlarges these enterprises.. CNC Milling