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CNC Turning, numerical control milling emulates true treatment process imitate, functions of a variety of treatment desired result, education of CNC Machining code, the CNC that brings you comprehensive and efficient, security grooms. Whether are you often numerical control education in, cannot because is numerical control equipment costly,achieve every to be able to be the student operated on the spot and study the effect not beautiful and vexed? Whether are you still using process designing of antiquated numerical control implement and more thorough without method begin education? Whether are because be operated by accident,you because of the student in the exercitation vexed machine tool attaint unceasingly? All these had a solution now, v-CNCCNC Machining emulates software to be able to let every student plan to operate numerical control machine tool in computer upper mould, you can go up in computer the study result of student of test and verify, make education more intuitionistic, vivid, you also won't be costly machine tool equipment breakdown again and vexed. You are needless also need a large number of capital to be anxious to buy equipment of costly machine tool education again. V-CNC is the emulation software product that does not rely on the hardware equipment such as the machine tool, the extremely low cost that software upgrades than hardware equipment, can let the pace that you catch up with the times develops closely. V-CNC is by Guangzhou red technical limited company develops, the outstanding CNC that faces Chinese CNC Machining to teach a domain grooms software. Its have systematic resource the demand is low (Pentium200 can) , the characteristic of moving stability, can move on Win95/98/NT system. Emulation software of honeysuckle VCNCCNC Machining basically is used at big, technical secondary school, high post, mechanic, and the CNC Machining education of major of enginery of duty quadrangle school, use at satisfying big batch education to groom demand. Because price of CNC Machining equipment is high, cover an area of big, and V-CNC software can move on personal computer platform, the problem with machine tool the personnel that solved need to groom is much and little device, saved a large number of equipment to purchase funds for the school. VCNC still can undertake emulation operating to device, and go up in emulation software, the operation of student can produce corresponding result likewise, had the education effect of true equipment so; VCNC facilitates the structure to device, the relevant knowledge such as the principle undertakes figure explains, be helpful for organizing education on the space, of groovy principle course explain general cent share, one part explains a principle in the classroom, another part explains real operation in the lab, increased period necessarily so, also make education content abrupt. It is OK to use emulation software teacher and student two parts content organic union, the prepare lessons before class before the class that also is student offerred a condition. This software has a lot of open interface, convenient user undertakes in time adjustment according to his circumstance. Modular development technology, make software itself facilitates patulous. Numerous advantage, make the application that VCNC software is teaching a domain wider and wider, got the self-identity of teacher of broad a gleam of, up to now, VCNC numerical control emulated software to had developed large quantities of one technical qualified personnels for CNC Machining domain, emulate domain infuse for machining new vitality. Graph 1VCNC is located in CAD/CAM education process fact of the machine on 2 students holds ground bitmap, software of exercise use VCNC pursues limited company of technology of red ground of Guangzhou of flow chart of education of process designing of 3 numerical control relies on national 863/CIMS to design automation project lab (institute of northing production system) , the research that basically pursues automation technology domain, development works, the company registers fund 13 million, fixed assets 18 million yuan. The company starts product of homebred famous brand with " , promote " of ethical software industry to be oneself. Series of " of honeysuckle of " of company dominant product is a country 863 plans 15 great tackle key problem one of projects, it is the core part of CIMS application demonstrative project. The company is shared with be based on information of the fictitious production technology of Internet, dummy business, system of intelligent design automation is direction, dog foreign advanced technique, rely on national 863/CIMS to design automation lab, ceaseless implementation studies the product of achievement is changed. The computer that the numerical control that red company is willing to be China jointly with you teachs assists education, groom to implement more efficient system and try hard. Red company sincerity hopes and you face good future hand in hand jointly. CNC Milling