Delcam software is designed in plastic injection mould and make medium application

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[Summary] the main effect in elaborating Delcam to software is designed in plastic injection mould and be made, introduced to use Delcam software accelerating a mould to design speed, improvement to design the effect, improve treatment the efficiency, a few experience that lengthen cutting tool life, high speed to machine a respect. Keyword: Movable mould of Delcam PowerSHAPE PowerMILL is set piece fixed die set a high speed to machine one, introductive Delcam Plc is the world is banner specialization CAD/CAM compositive system develops business. Its software product applies to the design of the product that has complex body, spare parts and mould to make. Apply at widely aerospace, car, shipping, internal-combustion engine, electric home appliancesThe round horn of 5 carries milling cutter to undertake statified treatment. The rough machining of PowerMILL is OK the size of intelligence that considers surplus, optimize cutting tool method. Rough machining of cycle racing line is the treatment strategy with particular PowerMILL, it is the biggest the pointed part part that spent light of land round part to arrange cutting tool route, accomplish the smooth suitable join between cutting tool method, and be in when cutting tool sunken when having overload into area, automatic choice cycloid is machined, these prolonged the life of cutting tool, accorded with the demand that high speed machines. Pass the comparison of effective treatment, the parallel treatment means that rough machining of cycle racing line uses than the tradition is managing about the time of 1/3. The end that the rough machining remains that 2 remains measure the intelligent wool embryo that graph 9 PowerMILL produces automatically estimates rough machining is purify rough machining when because use big cutting tool and the surplus that the reentrant place in workpiece leaves, can obtain evener mental allowance when semifinishing machining so, be helpful for raising the treatment rate of semifinishing machining, improve efficiency. The incomplete surplus rough machining of PowerMILL is those who be based on wool embryo knowledge is statified rough machining, it can find out the surplus that after be being machined last, leaves automatically, undertake machining to leftover quantity only, optimize cutting tool method, improve treatment efficiency. Graph 10 it is toy car rear the incomplete surplus rough machining of more difficult area, those who adopt is the means of helix feed, to avoid complete Dao Kuan to machine, automatic adoption the strategy of cycloidal treatment. Graph the remains of more difficult area measures rear of 10 toys car rough machining 3 semifinishing machining because rough machining is for the surplus with redundant purify merely, did not consider exterior quality and precision, chooses layer height is greater, in the spare parts the surface left the surplus of step shape after treatment. To eliminate this kind of appearance, leave even mental allowance for finish machining, ensure the cutting tool when finish machining gets power even, cutting is stable, need undertakes semifinishing machining to workpiece. The islands that considers a hardware is less, we undertake to the spare parts divisional region is machined. Pure planar area and curved surface area, to pure planar area, we use upright milling cutter, use helix 2 dimension slant the means of buy, machine precision requirement; To curved surface area, we use Ф the ball knife of 10, use optimal wait for high fashion, stay 0.

The surplus of 1. Optimal wait a kind be PowerMILL tall efficient finish machining is politic, it is the equidistance treatment of a kind of three-dimensional direction, and the flow direction that can identify curved surface, adopt the cutting tool contrail that agrees with curved surface flow direction. Use means of this kind of treatment, and cooperate helix join, can more general treatment pattern saves the time of 30% . Finish machining of 4 finish machining is implementation product the most crucial one step of final figure. The exterior quality of workpiece and dimension precision is by this working procedure is assured. As a result of optimal wait for high good point, we still are used optimal etc tall the strategy that serves as finish machining, we change the row spacing of cutting tool method and precision requirement, can machine so win final precision demand. Graph the helix of 11 pure plane is three-dimensional slant buy finish machining pursues 12 optimal the function of shadow of the smallest radius that waits for finish machining of clear root of Nextpage5 of expensive precision work to apply PowerMILL, we are OK very convenient know, with a Ф the ball knife of 4 is OK and complete purify surplus, accordingly we choose Ф the ball knife of 4 will have clear root precision work. We use clear root precision work the strategy of horn of automatic Qing Dynasty, cutting tool of working procedure of the line before means of this kind of treatment can identify automatically cannot the rudimental surplus part of cutting, and optimize this remain area, judge the obliquitous angle of leftover quantity automatically, abrupt area makes the cutting tool way of suture, even area is generated along cutting tool method. Graph 6 interference collision checks angle of 13 automatic Qing Dynasty the interference collision of the knife clip of PowerMILL, arbor checks a function, can detect the length of effective cutting tool that gives need of the place when we are being machined. To deep antrum area, length of needs effective cutting tool is not the deepness of antrum, because although same area, the cutting tool that diverse knife mix needs has effect length also is different. PowerMILL can support various knife clip, to fixed cutting tool length, powerMILL can have cut out unwanted material automatically to cutting tool method, one paragraph is length of effective cutting tool can the part of cutting, one paragraph is length of effective cutting tool cannot the part of cutting, to cannot the part of cutting, we can use: Length of lengthen cutting tool, apply axis of electrode, 3+2 to wait a moment. Graph the interference collision of 14 knives clip, arbor checks the 7 DuctPOST that generate NC program PowerMILL is a complete NC aftertreatment solution, the aftertreatment that it can let the user is founded and be used newlier at any type CNC machines implement, . The aftertreatment that production engineer and personnel of NC process designing can be founded easy to doly and revises them implement, so that can create the NC program of " of " beardless editor. 8 craft detailed list uses the SetupSHEET module of PowerMILL, we can generate the instant the craft detailed list that we need. Value of the the parameter of the cutting tool that SetupSHEET can need place of our process designing, mental allowance, handling time, deepest Z keep craft detailed account directly in the center. Graph 15 craft detailed list 4, the last word can say, delcam software has design and the application in making in plastic injection mould, it is the successful model that trend modernization is designed and makes, make broad engineering design, production personnel comes out from the disengagement in multifarious manual plot, manual process designing and computation, make design and create the job more human nature is changed, relaxed and rich vigor. CNC Milling